A Practical Guide to VampirismMature

So you’ve been turned into a vampire. Does this mean that your life is over?

Technically speaking, yes. Your heart has stopped and you no longer breathe oxygen. Despite this, you now are stronger and faster, and have keener senses than ever. But to continue to exist, you need the blood of others. You are in scientific terms a biological anomaly. More popularly speaking, you are a creature of the night. You are a vampire.

Many in your situation often go through the “five stages of death” upon realizing what they have become. This is completely normal. But you’ll find, that despite your transformation, you can continue to thrive. This guide can help.

It is the authors’ opinion that the ultimate responsibility for your development as a fledgling vampire belongs to the one that sired you. We have simply provided this guide as a tool to bring structure to that development. It is not a substitute for good parenting.

With that said, we hope this guide helps you achieve your full vampyric potential.

The End

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