The Begining...

How Amelia got her start..

It was my 10th birthday and I knew what was instore for me when my father got home with my present. He had promised me my first pokemon! I had no idea what to expect though, knowing that my father was a Pokemon breeder it could be anything.

"Amelia come into the studio with me for a few minutes before your father gets home will you?" Mother called. I followed her voice into her art studio where she had a big box with a pink ribbon on top. "Happy birthday Amelia!" She cried puching the box into my hands. "Thanks mom!" I said ripping open the huge box. Inside I pulled out a new backpack, 5 pokeballs, a filed guide with a map of all the regions in it, and at the bottom of the box was a new leather bound sketchbook with a set of amazing penciles in 70 diffrent colors. "Do you like it hunnie?" Mom asked. She knew that I was planing on following in her footsteps and becoming a Pokemon artist just like her. "I love it mom thank you so much." I stood up and hugged her tight. "Im going to miss going to the pokepark together and drawing all the wild pokemon..But I wont cry!" She stood up tall and hugged me again. "You are going to be a great artist and trainer dear. I know your going to make me and your father both very proud." Just then we head the front door open and I  knew it was dad. He was finally hear with my very first pokemon!

I rushed to the living room to meet him. "Happy birthday Amelia!" He said picking me up for a hug. Whenhe satme down he pulled a pokeball from his hip and held it in his hand. "I know how excited you are to start your journey with your new partner dear and I hope you wont be disapointed with my choice." He smiled and handed the ball to me. I smiled and cluched it in my hands. My veryfirst pokemon! But what was it?I knew there was no way I would be disapointed with what daddy got me. SO I threw the ball into the air and released the creture inside.

A Vulpix! "Oh my gosh,shes so cute daddy! Thank you so much!" I kneeled down and held out my arms to my very first pokemon. "Come hear darling Vulpix. You and Iare going to be the best of friends!" The fox like creture looked at me shyly and then climbed into my ars, rubbing aginst me. I knew fromthatmoment on that Vulpix and I were going to be the best for friends and the gratest team the wold had ever scene!

The End

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