When I woke up, the floor below me was vibrating violently and I felt something brushing my hair. In the haze, Miranda’s face took form “Are you okay?”

            It seems she was stroking my hair. “Where am I?”

            Miranda sighed “You are in a truck driven by Cody. I don’t know where he is taking us.”

            I woke up with a start. True enough, we were in an army style truck being driven on a bumpy road in the middle of the forest.

            There was a metal section which separated the driver’s seat and the empty space behind. There was, however, a small crevice where Dude’s face appeared.

            “Having fun guys? I guess you can make out in there. It’s a pretty empty place you see!”

            Cody, who was driving doubled with laughter.

            To my extreme surprise, Miranda got up and punched Dude in the nose.

            “OW!” he yelled, grabbing his nose, his eyes starting to water.

            “You okay man?” Cody asked with little concern.

            “That bitch punched me man!” Dude said hysterically.

            “We have got to get out of here,” Miranda said quietly.

            “But how,” I said, trying to push the back door open “this damn door is locked.”

            Miranda nodded “They locked it from the outside.”

            I started to look around for an object or a weapon. It was difficult as it was pitch black in there. Fortunately, I stumbled upon something heavy.

            I picked it up. It was a metal bar, fat and hard. “It’s a crowbar,” I said, studying the shape.

            Dude’s face reappeared at the crevice, he was spying on us. He didn’t notice we had the crowbar since it was quite dark.

            This time, Miranda snatched the crowbar from my hands and shoved it in Dude’s face.

            But he didn’t grab his nose this time, but instead fell down with a sickening thud.

            “Hey!” Cody bellowed. The truck came to an abrupt stop.

            Cody’s face appeared in the crevice “You better be careful bitch or I am going to kill you.”

            “Then kill me,” Miranda said “but wait, you don’t have the courage to do it.”

            Cody face hardened but then he burst out laughing. I started at him but something stopped me. It was a sound…of a helicopter!

            Cody disappeared from the crevice “It’s the cops!” he said.

            The helicopters were looking for something in the forest. “Maybe they are not looking for us,” I told Miranda sadly, but I was wrong as one bullet missed the truck by inches.

            “Drat!” said Cody, the truck springing back to life. He drove through the forest with two or three helicopters following us, firing bullets all the time.

            “They don’t know we are in here!” I turned to Miranda, horrified.

            “What do we do know?” Miranda asked. “Maybe we can give them a signal or something.”

            “Or maybe we can just escape,” I said, trying to be as calm as possible. “I will try and break the back door with the crowbar.

            We were going uphill now .I put my hand through the crevice, searching for the crowbar.

            “You are not going to get it!” Cody said venomously, hitting my hand hard.

            But the crowbar slid back in the seat it was on, straight into my hand.

            “Aha,” I said with delight “now take this, Cody”. I hit him with the crowbar in the head.

            It was a bad move as Cody slumped on the driver’s seat, accidentally turning the truck off in the process.

            The truck, which was going up suddenly became still and started going backwards.

            “Oh no!” Miranda said in horror.

            I dashed to the back door, hitting the center of it with all my might. I hit it about ten times before it creaked. Before the final hit required opening the door, exhaustion set in me and I fell onto my knees on the floor.

            Without further ado, Miranda grabbed the crowbar and started hitting the door with all she had.

            Finally, the door burst open. The truck was going downhill at a very high speed. I could smell rubber of the the tire burning. The helicopters continued firing; soon they would be blowing the truck up.

            “We need to jump out,” I said, getting up and grabbing Miranda’s hand. “We will have to jump to the side because, if we jump straight, the truck will smother us.”

            Miranda nodded but didn’t say anything. There were trees on the both sides of the road. If we jumped, there was a lot of chance of us getting killed or injured seriously.

            But I made the decision, together, holding hands; we jumped to the left side of the road.

            We fell down as soon as our feet hit the ground. We snowballed some distance but fortunately didn’t hit any tree.

            I got up, dazed and confused, to look at the still truck going downhill at a very high speed.

            True enough, the helicopter fired a bomb at the truck, blowing it to smithereens. Not being a big fan of death and violence, a smile was miles away from me.

The End

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