Rescue MissionMature

The first crack of the dawn came in through a minute window I hadn’t noticed and it fell right on the face of my companion.

            “Miranda!” I cried. Miranda jumped into my arms and we embraced each other for a long time before sharing a tender kiss. Miranda was too tired to cry or even speak much. She had become very weak and gaunt.

            “I’ll get you out of here,” I said.

            Miranda smiled another of her sarcastic smile “You really can’t do much. I appreciate you coming here for me, I love you. Hey, you didn’t come searching for Dave did you? And then you bumped into me.”

            “Oh no! I came here searching for you, but I am afraid I have to ask you the whereabouts of Dave.”

            Miranda’s face which was showing little emotion at that time now was overcome with grief.

            “Dave is no more,” she managed to say.

            There was a long silence in the bunker before I sprang up “Who did it? Who did it? Tell me who did it!”

            Miranda face fell. She could no longer look in my eyes “Cody.”



            I paced up and down in the little space we had in the bunker. Though everything felt good a few minutes ago, I and Miranda were no longer talking. Miranda didn’t dare speak anything that might tick me off like a bomb.

            After what seemed like ages, the bunker’s tiny door opened and a dirty looking man peered inside “Hey, is this the latest pigeon you have caught?”

             “Yes,” Cody replied from somewhere outside.

            I burst out of the bunker and attacked Cody, knocking him off his feet. Surprisingly, Cody didn’t try to defend himself. I, after all the traveling was feeling weak and gave up.

            Cody sat up on the forest floor and started laughing. I felt irritated but didn’t attack him again “I am going to hand you over to the police Cody!”

            Cody and his companion looked at each other for a second and then burst out laughing.

            As I watched Cody roll on the forest floor laughing, I felt a burst of anger and energy throughout my body. I attacked him again, more viciously than before.

            “Laugh now, asshole!” I said while stomping him in the stomach.

            Cody’s companion had to come to his rescue this time. The attack left Cody breathless.

            “Be careful Dude, this pigeon wants to flutter away,” Cody said.

            Dude got hold of me while Cody went inside the bunker. “Hey honey, how are you doing?”

            “Get out of there Cody, or else…”

            “Or else what?” I heard Cody snicker inside.

            “Go away Cody. Leave us alone. We won’t tell the police, let us go!” Miranda pleaded.

            “Uh-oh,” Cody said, “can’t keep your mouth shut when it comes to Dave can you?

            “You guys must be feeling hungry, I will arrange for some food.”

            “No!” Miranda said weakly.

            I was then thrown back in the bunker unceremoniously. Dude came back in with some chicken. It was steaming and looked delicious.

            “If you two want some candles, we can arrange for that too.” Dude said.

            I could hear him laugh all the way until he disappeared somewhere in the forest. As I was hungry, I grabbed a piece and started devouring.

            “It tastes strange.” I said, looking at Miranda.

            She stared at me for a long time before managing to say “It is poisoned.”

            I stopped chewing but it was enough…

The End

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