The Man At The StreamMature


I saw a silhouette of a man against the green mist of the forest; he was standing at the stream. I stood in the backyard, too surprised to budge an inch. It felt like my body belonged to someone else. Even worse, the man was staring…at me! I felt his eyes burning into me. As flutters of chills went up and down my spine, I felt sick and dizzy. I saw the silhouette disappear in the mist.

  A voice in my head told me to follow the silhouette. But it was night and the forest was dangerous in the dark, especially after the chilling disappearance of three people near it. I was feeling very sick. The sudden incidents came one by one rapidly and had shaken me to the core. I needed some rest.

  I moved a few steps forward, then turned around and ran gingerly, as fast as possible.

  As I reached home my mind began to buzz. Who was that man in the forest? Was it Dave? But that is not possible, I told myself, if Dave was alive, he would be back home by now.

  I was alone in my room. I remembered Miranda. My stomach lurched, I had lost her. I will never see her again. So much could have happened between us. Soon I was boiling with anger.

  The police was doing shoddy investigation; they did not come up with even one suspect. To them, Cody, Miranda and Dave just disappeared into thin air.

  Detective Jenkins was no better. He was, without the shadow of a doubt a very intelligent man, but he had been not much help either.

  If this continued further, I will soon be going crazy. In the end, there will be no one caught and I will spend the rest of my life feeling guilty over losing Miranda, my best friend Cody and the kind hearted person that is Dave.

  The next morning I went to Dave’s. It was an empty place now. No squealing and squabbling, no argument, no making out in the very corners, no commanding voice of Dave, telling me to hurry up, no new faces everyday to talk to and interact. I was all alone in the place.

  The police had suggested me to close this place. And after the mysterious disappearance of its owner, it had to shut down.

  I had considered running it alone, but it belonged to Dave. Anyways, there were no customers available either.

  As I made my way to the exit, I turned back to take last look at restaurant. It had been my life, everything that mattered to me just a few days ago. I will miss this place, I thought.

 I shut and locked the door. Then suddenly, something knocked inside me. Who was that man I had seen at the edge of the forest near the stream? Where were Cody, Miranda and Dave? In what condition were they? Were they dead or not? I needed to find the answer to these questions, even if I get killed trying to find them.

The End

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