Crocodile AttacksMature

I drew in a deep breath. How is this possible? I wanted to turn around and run, but my feet were glued to the ground. It was a crocodile! How can a crocodile be here at the stream? Don’t crocodiles live in dark, muddy waters? Unfortunately, there was no one around to answer my questions.

It was strange, the crocodile was horribly out of place. It was big, about six feet long or more, it had a rough, scaly skin and yellow eyes in slits.

The crocodile was about fifteen feet away from me. If it came near me it could rip apart one of legs or arms in a jiffy. Before I could think for long, the crocodile was already snapping at my feet.

Fortunately, it only ripped apart my shoe. Naked in one leg, I ran up as fast as my legs could carry.

I burst in “Help! Dave…Dave! I found the culprit! A crocodile! It is a crocodile!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. The sides of my chest were paining; it felt like someone was poking my sides with a knife.

Dave pushed everyone aside “Where is he?” he asked.

“Down at the stream…” I said, breathing heavily. I cursed my luck. Someone else could’ve had an encounter with him…why me?

Dave started going down. “No Dave,” I called him “Don’t go down, call the animal control!”

And so, like the last few days, there was chaos all around. The zoo officials bought in tranquilizer guns. The crocodile was finally captured. Even the zoo officials were baffled “What was a full grown crocodile doing here?”

I got a call from Detective Jenkins “Boy, I investigated this case. This crocodile of yours had escaped while being transported from the lake. The truck met with a little accident and he escaped.”

“Yeah, it’s good that pieces are falling in their places…the crocodile was the culprit, he ate up Cody and Miranda.” I said, my stomach lurched...Miranda, I had lost her.

There was silence at the other end. Apparently, Detective Jenkins was deep in thoughts. Finally, he said “I don’t think so; you keep your eyes open.” Huh, this wasn’t the end? But the crocodile is the culprit. I tried to question Detective Jenkins’ deductions “I don’t think the crocodile has done anything. I repeat: keep your eyes open and stay away from that stream.” Detective Jenkins warned.

If not the crocodile…who? Why will someone do that? These questions were rotating in my mind. I knew they will be answered sooner than later.

That evening, a group of people took some candles down to the stream. That group included me, Dave, Jacob and Jared, Mrs. Phillips and Sarah. Cody was an orphan and as result, none of his family members were present. We lit the candles and stood their in complete silence. All we could hear was the soft gurgling of the stream and the chirping of the birds in the woods. Even an incident like this could not spoil the beauty of this place. Such a horrible event like this seemed highly unlikely to take place here. Mrs. Phillips and Sarah were crying silently. Dave looked pale and tired. All of us had had been through a really tough time. Losing Miranda wasn’t easy for me either. I missed her. A lot could have happened between us. And Cody, I was ready to forgive him and embrace him like the best friend he had been before.

After some time, we all started moving back, except Dave. “Hey Dave, are you coming back?” I asked him.

He looked back at me. He was still completely white; he managed to say “I want some time alone.”

I understood what he felt. Poor Dave had lost all his family last year in a freakish accident last year. He had seen too many deaths already. He needed some time alone.

I left him there at the stream, not knowing he will never come back!

The End

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