Investigation by Detective JenkinsMature


“Hello?” Miranda’s mom asked hysterically “Is Miranda there?”

I fell silent for a few seconds; my throat was dry “M-M- Mrs. Phillips…isn’t Miranda home yet?”

What followed it was complete chaos. Mrs. Phillips rushed in with Miranda’s best friend Sarah. Cops were called in. The police returned back after investigation with disappointing results. The police recorded mine, Dave’s and the twins’ statements. The twins were really annoyed for being investigated on their first day on job. The police then sent for a certain man called Detective Jenkins

I met him the next morning. Detective Jenkins was a tall fellow with rolls of fat hanging out of his body. He didn’t quite look like a smart detective to me.

Detective Jenkins asked me to accompany him on his investigation. I was a bit surprised because I thought he would prefer doing it alone.

I took him down to the stream. He bent down and checked the ground around the stream “Hmm,” he said, scratching his chin while speaking “this dry, hard ground doesn’t really help!” he said checking for footprints.

He looked at the stream bed “The rocks are flat…no one stepped in there!”

He looked around, scratching his head in bewilderment. Maybe this man was man was used to getting success real quick.

“Maybe they didn’t even come down here. Maybe they ran away from the back…” I said, not sure of my deductions. “Maybe…” Detective Jenkins wondered. After snooping around for a bit, we went back.

Detective Jenkins said he cannot be sure of anything right now. I was lost in thoughts. Had Cody and Miranda really ran away? I told Sarah of my suspicions. She looked at me with disgust “Miranda will never do anything like that!” she thundered upon me.

The next day I was busy with work “Hurry up with the fries Rikki!” Dave cried. I could see the look of trouble on Dave’s face. Things weren’t going good for him.

After the incident last night, we were getting a lot of media attention. Business had picked up for a short time due to media attention. People were flocking to witness the scene of crime. Though business was flourishing now, we all knew it would slump soon. Mrs. Phillips wasn’t being too much of a help either. She was responsible for all the media attention. She had reported everything to the media. Detective Jenkins was highly annoyed, because he wanted the case to be solved without anyone coming to know of it.

Today, the situation went from bad to worse. I saw Mrs. Phillips enter the restaurant. I saw Dave look at her with fear in his eyes. I walked up to him “Don’t make yourself feel guilty Dave, you haven’t done anything wrong!” Dave just nodded; I suspected he didn’t hear me.

Mrs. Phillips stood at the counter and started ranting “I am going to have this place shut down Dave!” she screamed. Dave just gulped and said nothing. I felt really angry “Why? Dave hasn’t done anything wrong misses!”

Mrs. Phillips turned red with anger “You stop poking your nose in other’s business!” she shouted at me and then burst in tears “maybe you have something to do with my daughter’s disappearance!”

Dave just stood there wiping his brow. “I hate to leave you alone Dave,” I said “I am going down to the stream. I wanted to avoid the tension and attention of the restaurant.

If one thing the police had done good was to not seal off the stream. All of the employees of Dave’s had protested. It was a natural habitat to many rare species.

I felt all eyes burning my back as I walked down. I was careful enough not to move anything at the stream because then I would become the one everyone will have suspicions on.

As I was cooling off at the stream, I saw the strangest thing I had ever seen in my life.

The End

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