Trouble in ParadiseMature

I welcomed the new recruits, Jacob and Jared to Dave’s. The twins turned out to be small in size and pretty dumb according to me.

The three of us sat down at a table and chatted for a long time. The twins told me how they had gone skiing and that they like adventure sports. I just sat there rolling my eyes because I didn’t believe a word they said. I could’ve gone on hearing them lie if Dave had not intervened.

“Rikki, have you seen Cody and Miranda around?”

 “No, I haven’t.” I said truthfully, good thing they were not here, they give me headache. Dave looked really troubled, he checked his watch and said “They should’ve come back by now, we are nearing closing time!”

 The four of us exchanged looks. Dave was worried, the twins were confused and I was happy. “Why don’t you go down and check on them?” Dave asked me. I grumbled around a bit, but then agreed. After all, going down to the stream was one of my favorite activities.

 The twins accompanied me. They bombarded me with questions like “Who are Cody and Miranda?” and “Is that Miranda girl cute?”

You could see the stream the size of a toffee from the restaurant’s backyard where some tables were kept for guests. I lead them towards the stream. It was a steep climb downwards.

 The road leading to the stream was wide and beautiful. There were lush, green, huge trees all the way down.

 The stream was even more beautiful. It was surrounded by oval shaped rocks of all sizes. The water was cold and crystal clear. The river bed could be seen at a glance, there lay some big rocks and many fishes swimming around. The stream seemed too perfect to exist. But the best thing was, it did! There were some birds circling the sky above. Around the stream was a small clearing, there could not have been a better spot to hang out than this one.

 I am always mesmerized by the sight of this stream each time I go down. I was lost in beautiful thoughts before Jared shook my shoulders “Hey…where are your friends?”

 I had almost forgotten about Cody and Miranda. We started to call out their names. “Cody…Miranda?” I shouted at the top of my lungs but was met with the silence of the woods.

 After some time we decided that Cody and Miranda are not anywhere near. But they should have reported back in the restaurant…maybe they went back home without telling us “That under-grown ape Cody!” I cursed under my breath.

 We went back up. Dave was more worried than before. I tried to calm him down “Don’t worry Dave…they will be back by tomorrow…I am sure of it!”

 But maybe I was wrong because I got a call five minutes later. It was Miranda’s mom.


The End

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