A Point Of No ReturnMature

'A Point Of No Return' is a mystery and a thriller. Expect the unexpected.


“Hi baby!” Cody said, pecking Miranda. I was looking at them from behind the counter. My face was red with anger.

A month ago, I had planned to ask Miranda out, I couldn’t. I am to blame. A month ago, Cody was my best friend and I had conferred to him my plans to ask Miranda out. It seems he liked Miranda too because he had successfully asked her out before I could. Now, he is my worst enemy.

“Looks like someone is jealous…” Cody said, sneering at me. I huffily handed over a sandwich one of our customers had ordered.

One can see the difference between me and Cody. He is tall, smart lanky while I am well built and muscular.

I work in a fast food restaurant called ‘Dave’s’. It is named after the owner and our boss. Cody and Miranda are my colleagues.

“Listen  up,” Dave said, gathering all of us; he is in his fifties, grey hair, balding, and is short and plump “we have new recruits coming today.”

“Who are they?” Miranda asked. “Well, I have hired a pair of well mannered, smart looking twins!” Dave said proudly.

 “I bet they aren’t wimps like Rikki!” Cody said hysterically. “Oh, well I can bet I can come there and kick your ass!” I said loudly. “Guys stop fighting,” Miranda said “It has become tiring, the two of you bickering all day…”

“Oh yeah baby…you need a break!” Cody said, putting his arm around Miranda “Why don’t we take a walk down to the stream?”

The location of Dave’s is very interesting. It is situated near the edge of a forest. There are many wooden benches around, finely cut grass in the front and a view of distant, snow-capped mountains on the horizon. It is a favorite tourist and picnic spot.

I looked at Cody. God, I hate that face! I hoped that he leaves this place or someone kidnaps him.

Cody and Miranda left, without glancing back.

That’s when all the problems began, because they never came back.


The End

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