A Place to Call Home

when will I know,

when I have found my home,

because lately, there hasn’t

Some people say, “This is your home,

its where you chose to stay!”

Some even say, “You’re here all

the time! This is your home!”

Then my family says, “Where

we are, is your home.” Then

my boyfriend says, “Where I

am, is your home.”


when will I know

when I have found my home,

a place where I don’t have to

try, where I can sit and cry,

where I can be myself, and

no one will care. A place

where I can do anything.

Then some of them say,

“Well this the place to

do that here.” The others

say, “ You can do this

here, we don’t care.”

My family says, “You

have already done that

here.” My boyfriend

says, “You already do

this, so continue doing



but when will I know,

when will I truly know,

where I have found a

place to call my own,

to call my home, because

Lately, I don’t know anymore.



The End

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