A place called OLIMPUS.

This is the story 'bout a boy who loves books and everything related with. Your mother is secretary of state and her father is unkown, what he don't know is that everything is about to change when he finds a book called "Olimpus - secrets and thruts".

CHAPTER 1 - That sucks mom!

Dawson saw himself in a deep sleep when him mother woke him up - HEY FELLA, TIME TO GO! - he could not believe that the night had already passed way.

Him night was normal, him sleep was relative good. He goes to the bathroom, took the bushtooth na dsaw him face in the mirror - OH GOSH... FIRST DAY OF SCHO... -  he was interrupted by the calendar which says 25/01/96. It couldn't be 'cause he was in summer vacations, an habbit in Brazil where he had been living since he was 5 with him mom.

He never stop to speak English, but speak Portuguese as well. The life in Brazil weren't bad, till the last year he use to miss him father, but now he was an "Adult", at least he tried to believe it. With two names "Dawson (to your mother)" and "Erick (to the Society, in Brazil)", he couldn't understand why he had two names, then the best to do was stop to think and just live with it.

The best thing in the opnion of our friend was stay in home and see some Brazilian program, sometimes him mind was confused 'cause use two languages weren't an easy task.

Mom, can I ask a question - That was the moment he was waiting for a long time. - why we speak English in Brazil, Portuguese is good - her mom had a worried face 'bout that question, her past weren't clear neither to herself, a boy could'nt understand easily if she tried to explaind he could frak out -  'cause it's important to you, someday we'll go back to your birthplace, you don't worry honey, so are you readin' something today. -  He as gettin' nervous -  Mom, don't try to change the conversation way... You say it everytime I ask 'bout Da... - STOP! Go to your room little boy.

Dawson knew that he couldn't face her mom, so he went to your room, there he get some white pappers with erasers markes, he loves to draw as well. But today we decided to right, something 'bout him day... him night 'till the moment, somethin' short... He spend sometime thinkin and wrote 2 or 3 words and went to the bad.

In the papper was write "THAT SUCKS MOM!" with a bad smile drawned... her mom smiles to herself when she went to the room turn off the lights.

The End

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