My House

Not an apartment in the hood.

Not a grandma's.

Not a space in mama's basement.

Not a bunk bed in a dorm room.

A house all my own.

Walls with colors that stand out from the dark gleaming wooden floors. 

The living room with pictures of friends and family.

The bedroom with the air light mattress and pillows, soft as a cloud across a forget-me-not blue sky.

The garden in the back with my lilacs, my lilies, my roses to enjoy.

The balcony from which I'll look out at a sunset over the beach, and listen to the waves move back and forth like a rhythm to a song only I know

My house, as beautiful as a picture painted by the greatest artist, where my ideas are free to spread like wild flowers.

Based off the vignette: A House Of My Own by Sandra Cisneros.

*This is my favorite of the bunch.*

The End

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