If I Could Do It Over

I never meant to hurt her, but I guess it's too late to explain myself.

No one likes Kyra. She was annoying and at times disgusting. No one played with her. They always made fun of her.

I didn't.

I thought that it was mean for someone to pick on somebody like that, so I was nice to her, but never overly nice. She wasn't what I would define as enjoyable. The only thing that I could label as disrespectful of me was in the sixth grade.

We had the stupid conflict resolution classes, where the instructors never really helped us solve our problems.

Just because Kyra wasn't paying attention, she had everyone go around the room and say what they didn't like about her. Kyra sat there, crying, and I was shocked that this woman was doing this to a child. It was cruel.

When it was time for me to give my opinion, I said that it wasn't her fault she acted out.

"WHAT?!" was what came out of my peer's mouths.

From there I couldn't go on, as I was sensitive and couldn't stand the pressure.

I feel like if I had continued, I would have explained that she only did it because it was expected of her, and everyone always acts so foul to her, so why should she be nice to them? I feel guilty for letting them humiliate her like that, because no one deserves that kind of treatment.

Even someone as unpleasant as Kyra.

Based on the vignette: Born Bad by Sandra Cisneros.

The End

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