There Was A Family

Greer Trotty was the one I knew best.

She had an older sister, a younger sister, and a younger brother. As they grew up, the Trotty's became notorious for their tantrums, vulgarity, and disrespectful behavior.

The oldest, Jael, dreamed of becoming a model, but associated being a model with wild sex parties. All you have to do is turn on America's Next Top Model to get a dose of this "young lady."

Olivia, the youngest daughter, was some what of a brat, who went around spending her days annoying people with her antics.

The boy, whose name I never learned, was the tantrum king, and got much of what he desired with his outbursts.

As for Greer, she was smart, she could even get higher grades than me, which I found unusual. That wasn't what Greer really cared about though. She wanted to put all her energy into getting with as many boys as possible. She had the potential to be someone great and ruined it for herself with her bad record.

Greer can't help it, she's a Trotty.

Based off the Vignette: There Was An Old Woman She Had So Many Children... by Sandra Cisneros.

The End

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