Boys & Girls

I give my son his blue blanket.

I give my daughter her pink blanket.

I dress my boy in his overalls.

I dress my daughter in her floral dress.

I buy my son the fire engine he wanted.

My daughter gets her Barbie doll.

Junior is out to play football with his buds.

Princess is playing double dutch with the girls.

Son is getting "the talk."

Daughter is getting her training bra.

My boy is starting to shave.

My girl has started to wear makeup.

My son is getting acne.

So is my daughter.

My boy is hung up on some girl.

My girl has fallen for some boy, and it's yours.

I can't believe he's gotten married.

Who would have thought she would have grown up so fast.

He'll be okay, I taught him to be tough like iron.

She'll be fine, I taught her to be gentle as snow.

Based off the vignette: Boys and Girls by Sandra Cisneros.

The End

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