My Name

"Melinda? Cristy? June? Amanda?"

"I don't know, honey, we can think of a name later."

"Alright dear, get some rest."

 Out the door my father goes. My mother turns on the television in her hospital room. Newsflash, famous tennis star's wife delivered her baby last weekend, and it's a girl! They've named the newborn Camera after the mother's career in photography. Click. My mom turns off the T.V.

"I guess you'll have a name yet little one." she says as she caress' her tummy.


Ain't that a thing? With just a moment's thought I was given an unusual name. Camera has its bad sides, as much as people say it is a pretty name. When I'm called in class for the first time, teacher's force it out, twisting and contorting the syllables. My classmates confuse my name with brands of cars. More than anything, people refuse to stop calling me "Cammie".

Hm, Jessica? No, too girly. Alexis? No, too rough. Harmony? Yes, Harmony. A name like a whispering wind. Yes, do me the favor of calling me Harmony.


Based of the Vignette: My Name by Sandra Cisneros.

The End

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