A Piece of Me

Another school English project. A book of vignettes based off of 10 vignettes from The House On Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros.


A puzzle.

Each piece being made as time rolls on

Each piece another story of how I became who I am today

My puzzle becomes larger with each step I take to the future

With each piece added.

A piece of innocence.

A piece of curiosity.

A piece of sorrow.

A piece of joy.

A piece of wisdom.

My pieces are still falling in place

And I'm sharing my pieces with the world

Table Of Contents

1) My Name

2) Boys & Girls

3) Those Who Don't Know Any Better

4) There Was A Family

5) No Big Deal

6) I Remember

7) If I Could Do It Over

8) A Person Who I Really Don't Know

9) Child's Play

10) My House


The End

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