A piece of heaven

I looked down at her, my tears mixing into the sweat which made a glossy coat over my face. I looked at the two slits for eyes unable to open, that gorgeous nose, her little lips, red as roses and longing to be kissed, my perfectly formed new born baby, I couldn't have asked for anything more precious!

From her hospital bed she could hear him coming, his footsteps increasing in speed the closer they came. He was too late, but she didn't mind. Lisa knew her husband loved her and would punish himself enough for missing this monumental occasion and she had no intention of making this harder on him, after all, he'd just missed the birth of his very first child, his little girl.

He burst through the door, his face red and shiny with sweat. The pain and regret clearly visable on his face as he looked at his wife then following her gaze, down at the tiny bundle in her arms. He did this, he smiled, he made this life and he missed his baby coming into the world. It took every ounce of strength he had to stop him from rushing forward to hold his little girl. Surely she would smell her on him. Smeel the intoxicating aroma that was sex, sex that he had, not with his wife. She would smell the sweet perfume that rushed across the room to meet him when he opened her bathroom door. As he remembered the scent of her he was transported back just a couple of hours ago where he saw himself open that door to see her there, standing in the mirror dabbing herself with the perfume that he could smell so vividly now.

Would she know?

Would he ever find out?

She asked herself as she saw her loving husband standing at the bottom of her hospital bed looking at their baby so full of pride. Would he ever find out that that one time only nine months ago could mean that this baby he stared so longingly at might not be his.

The End

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