A Person That Has Everything, Also Has Nothing.Mature

this is my first attemt at a story so lets c how it goes

 CHAPTER 1      

          As he drew back his pitch black curtains and stared in to his view of his old primary school, he thought to himself "it will be a good day ", as a smile spread across his face. The sun was shining for the first time in what felt like was an eternity His name was Tommy and he was a little bit more than an average person, or a little less depending on which way you looked at it. Just the weekend before Tommy had received news from his doctor that he was mentally depressed.what had caused this was for the moment unknown. Everything on the out side showed Tommy was a happy fun loving teenager. he had choose the option of telling no, presently, of his condition. He wanted no one to even consider treating him differently, especially not his girlfriend. Tommy's reputations as star footballer for the local club, Turas F.C. ,had led to him having his choice of very attractive young girls. so with all this ,the teenage dream what happened to bring this depression on. This is his story.

As he pulled on his designer boxers, followed by his designer sacks and designer shirt for the day ahead at school. As Tommy loved the finer things in life, He also attended the school for the students with a slightly higher IQ than others . He was tipped to finish top of his class after his first year in the school but how times had changed in the 5 years in that school .Tommy was no so far from the top he was being told to cop on and work harder or leave the school. as he though what the end of year test would be like his mother walked in the room,"oh your up" she said,with a sense of surprise in her voice. " your room is still a kip",she added very quickly. " i shall tidy the premises when i return from me day of learning dear mother ",Tommy replied, with an extreme sense of sarcasm. His mother humoured him with a forced smile then left the room. "it's gonna be a good day " repeated Tommy, as if saying it was going make it any more true. That was Tommy's plan for dealing with this situation. just as he did for every other bad event that has happened throughout his life. pretend it didn't happen. ill let you decide if that is wise or not but that is how he planed on dealing with it.

Tommy hopped down the stair with a spring in his step that morning. which was bizarre no matter what mental state he was in . Tommy was not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination , much like his father from when he was in the house.which hadn't been the case for close to four years. Tommy shoved his hair under the tap to wash his hair for the day ahead. Chloe was home from her trip to France. She was a model and by a country mile the best looking girl in the whole town and to Tommy the world. he hadn't seen her over the whole of the Easter break. Tommy went over to turn on his straighteners while he dried his long blonde hair. 

As he walked down the street towards his bus stop he felt the temperature almost suddenly drop. It was much colder than he had thought. Tommy like getting the bus because loads of his friends from primary school , who he didn't see to much any more, got it. As the bus pulled up almost instantly when Tommy arrived at the stop. He spotted Conor at the back of the bus. Conor was a nothing short of a bad example when u got a first impression of him. He drinks, He Smokes , does drugs and hangs out with the some very dodgy looking youths , many of which new and loved Tommy. Under all of that Conor was a smart, mature and for the better of it a sensible guy ,who was genuinely trying to stop drugs and smoking , drink on the other hand was far to precious to him. "Man i am fucked for ma' leaving ", stated Conor when Tommy sat down. " How do you figure ".replied Tommy. "'Cause I know sweet fuck all for it ",replied Conor with a smirk. the two boys giggled briefly. The bus pulled away from the pavement and onto the main road. " why do ya not just study dude ",asked Tommy. "Ah I dunno man, i just cant get it into ma@ head yano ?", replied Conor. " ah yea  a' getcha", stated Tommy , this was however a lie. Tommy had never felt this way. He was even looking up possibities to string theory in his free time . It was the exams Tommy didn't like .The grading of a persons intelligence by people who may never reach that of those they are correcting. It mad no sense to Tommy. As a matter of fact Tommy never wish to attend his school of greater excellence or hell as he preferred to call it. It was he father who choose the school for him. Tommy wanted to attend a normal school. 

The bus Pulled in at the next stop and picked up a few lads who were going to "The Tech" which was the slang term used for their school. Tommy wasn't even aware of the proper name for the school. He just new that those lads were not friendly and not to be caught hanging around with . The bus continued its journey till it arrived at the first school on its trip .Tommy's school and of course Tommy was the only one on the bus who went to school here. Every morning he had to walk the long almost scary walk down the middle of the bus and have everyone stare and judge him. He hated it and they're very few things that Tommy ever hated and it was top of the list.

Tommy made the long walk down the centre of the bus with all those wee innocent first year eyes staring straight through him . He could feel their gaze piecing through him like a knife. He walked a little fast past "The Tech" boys . just as he was stepping out of the bus, a yoghurt flew through the air and hit Tommy on the side of the head and exploded on impact. Tommy was now dripping in yoghurt , then one of "The Tech" boys yelled "Faggot!" down the length of the bus. The bus driver Adian asked if Tommy was o.k. but Tommy lied and said yea and got off the bus. He whipped himself down with the side of his sleeve."Son of a bitch ",muttered Tommy. He walked up to the gates of his kingdom, his place of glory and his hell. "The School Of Irsh Excellence" read the plank above the gate. Tommy couldn't help but smirk at the irony in the plank. So it was a regular day so far and now his mood had changed he was not looking forward to school at all that day.

The End

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