A Perfect Day for Weddings

Saturday dawned crisp and clear, a brand-new leaf that fell onto Dusty's lap like a gift she wasn't expecting. Blinking against the light that poured in from her window, she peered outside and saw that it was a beautiful day. A day for bike rides in the park, beach-side picnics, and lazy naps under a tree.

It was a perfect day for weddings. Namely her own. But she forgot, being Dusty and being sleepy, and so sinking back to sleep, the phone's insistent clamor jarred her back to consciousness exactly one hour later.

"Mmmph... Hello?" She answered, still face-down in the pillow.

"You're still not asleep, are you Dusty? I can't believe it! You have to be at church in twenty minutes with your dress and your makeup and your hair ready and everything and you're still asleeeeeeeep?!"

Her sister's mile-a-minute dialogue made Dusty groan and sink deeper into the bed. But Millie's high-pitched voice was like nails being twisted in her ears. Sleep was impossible.

"Don't you even want to get married?" Millie asked, and Dusty could hear her sister tapping her (manicured) nails on a table. Dusty opened one eye, staring at the picture frame propped up against a half-empty glass of water that stood on her night table. She and her fiancé stared back at her with smiles impenetrable. Did she want to get married? Was she absolutely sure...?

Millie's voice interrupted her reverie: "Dusty, are you even listening to me at all?"

The End

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