The Dry - Part 8 2/2Mature

The next thing he knew, he was sitting on a couch in one of his buddies’ apartments. He wasn’t sure how he had gotten there, but there he was. He could hear a pounding beat from the stereo across the room, and the air was smoky from all the cigarettes and weed. He sat on the couch with his friend Brody on his left, and then his other friend Jace sitting on the chair on an angle from the couch. His friends were both talking and laughing, but Mitch didn’t know what was going on. He had zoned out for what was probably the past hour. He turned to Jace with dead eyes.

            “What bro,” Jace laughed after a few moments of Mitch staring at him. 

            “Pass me the bong man,” Mitch said.

“We smoked it all dude,” Jace answered with a breathless laugh. Mitch just sat in silence, starring at the picture above Jace’s head. It was of a stripper with brown hair, and black stilettoes. She wore a red dress that was cut up the side to show her lace leggings. Mitch turned to Brody. He wore a backwards red cap and a beater with Bob Marley’s face in the middle.

“I’m heading back, man,” Mitch said standing up. He walked around the coffee table that they were all sitting around. On the coffee table there were empty packs of cigarettes, a few empty beers and a half drank 40 of Jack Daniels.

“Alright, see yah,” Jace said. Brody didn’t say anything as his eyes slowly started shutting as he began to pass out. Mitch put on his boots, and put back on his coat. He looked at the watch on his wrist and it read 2:38. He inhaled deep thinking about how his father is going to yell at him once he gets home, but at this point he was too stoned to even care.

He shut the apartment door, and headed down the hallway towards the elevator. It felt like time was lapsing. First he was in the elevator, and then he was on the street walking towards home. Somewhere he made a wrong turn, and once he realized it, it was too late. He was lost, looking around trying to find something that looked familiar. He was surrounded by large warehouses with alleyways between each one.  

He then stopped walking. He thought he heard something. It was some kind of muffled scream, or a shriek. He kept walking, keeping his ears sharp.


“Don’t touch me!”

He trusted his instinct as he ran towards the sound of the voice. 


He turned down the alley between the 6th or 7th warehouse, he wasn’t sure. What he was sure of was when he turned down that alley was that he saw two shadows near the end.

“Help,” The voice said weakly. The voice sounded familiar to Mitch as he walked closer to the shadows.


Mitch began to run towards them. He saw that a man had a girl pinned against the side of the warehouse. He had her dress pulled down to reveal her bra when Mitch slammed into him sending him tumbling onto the cement ground.  He heard the girl scream as he did this, and she slid down the side of the wall to the ground. She sat, stared, and was too terrified to move. The man slowly got up from the ground. When he stood, his body wavered in the air a little. Mitch could smell alcohol on him.

“What the fuck,” The guy said starring at Mitch. Mitch grabbed the collar of the man’s shirt and brought his face close to his.

“Don’t touch her,”

He then pushed him away, which sent the man stumbling back. He grunted when he did this, but then he collected himself. He looked back at Mitch, and clenched his fists. He then walked up to Mitch, and wound back his fist and aimed for his face. Mitch dodged out of the way and countered it by punching him in the stomach. The man fell to his knees, holding with both hands where Mitch’s fist hit. He began to make gagging noises like he was going to puke.

“Don’t touch me either.” Mitch added. He then turned to the girl. She was looking up at him and he could see tears running down her face. He leant out his hand to her as to help her up. She sat there a moment trying to process what had just happened. She then took his hand, and she stood up.

“Are you alright?” Mitch asked her as she leaned against him, unable to stand.

“I want to go home,” She whimpered. He nodded and walked her out of the alleyway. They could still hear that man gagging behind them as they walked away.

            They staggered down the streets as she gave drunken directions to Mitch as to where to walk her. He looked down at her finally getting a good look at her once they were in lights of the street again. Her blonde hair was now messy, and her eye make-up smudged but Mitch could tell that she was the girl from earlier that night. He felt her slowly begin to put more weight onto him as she began to pass out.

            “Come on, got to stay awake to get home,” Mitch said, although he shouldn’t be talking.

            “Just take me to your house,” She mumbled, “My house is too far.” Mitch didn’t take her seriously, but when he looked around, and surroundings began to look familiar, he thought maybe that was a good idea. Also, she was almost asleep, so getting directions out of her would be useless.

He turned the second last corner to his house and looked at the store front where he saw her the first time that night. It was called “Sam’s Beach Store House”. It was one of the many Beach stores around that little ocean town. He carried her around the last corner and he could see his house. It was right in the middle of 4 houses on each side. He quickened his pace, wanting to get home and out of the cold. It had stopped raining but the ocean’s wind was picking up as high tide was rolling in.

Mitch brought the girl around the back of his house. He sat her against the house wall, as he opened his bed room window. It was just big enough for him to pick her up, and slide her onto his bed which was just underneath the window. He then climbed in after her, and shut the window behind him. The girl reached for his blankets and lied on the only pillow he had on his twin sized bed. He then lied on the bed too, trying to give the girl as much space as he could give. His eyes then slowly closed as he drifted into a dreamless sleep. 

The End

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