The Dry - Part 6Mature


            The open road reached out to the sun as it set, just hovering over the horizon. Shades of pinks, purples, oranges, and deep reds were painted in the sky like a canvas. The wind brushed against the desert sand sending the dust airborne. It flew like a mist until it was returned to the ground. This process was endless, just like the desert plain.

A coyote climbed on a nearby rock, and gave a loud howl at the moon as it slowly began to rise. It jumped off the rock, and sniffed the air, and then the ground. Underneath that rock, a tortoise climbed to the entrance of his burrow and poked its head out to the world. It examined the coyote, but knew the coyote would not harm it. The coyote then sniffed the ground, and gave out another loud howl. The darkening sky was then filled with the cries from the rest of the coyote’s pack.

A dozen set of four feet were heard, hitting the ground as they ran. They all ran up to meet the Alpha, who was sent to scout ahead. Their eyes centered in on two people. A fire was blazing between them as they both slept in their sleeping bags, resting their eyes from the long drive. A minivan was parked behind them, and beside it there was the road that still stretched out for miles. They still had a long way to go, but since the second person was but a child, they had to stop to rest. Sleeping in the van would’ve been a better idea, but they had it packed with supplies that they figured they would need for the long journey. The van was the boy’s grandfathers, but he was deceased.

The boy named Thomas then lifted his head.

“Sam?” He quietly asked. He didn’t want to be loud, because if Samuel was sleeping, he didn’t want to wake him up. Sam didn’t respond.

He was in a deep sleep without a care.

Thomas then turned onto his back and looked at the sky. Thousands and thousands of little lights sparkled throughout the sky. Thomas had learned about stars from his grandfather. They were big spheres of gas burning billions of miles away.

The memory then flashed into his mind; of him looking out the window and seeing his grandfather’s head being blown clean off.

Tears welled up in his eyes. He tried to hold them back, but he just couldn’t, and then they fell. A whimper escaped his lips, but that was all the noise he made as the tears rolled. He didn’t want to look like a baby in front of Sam. Samuel was tough, and Thomas didn’t want to look weak. He then turned onto his side, away from the fire that was now slowing burning out. He closed his eyes and hoped sleep would come eventually.

He then heard something.

It sounded like a twig being stepped on. He sat right up, and looked over at Sam and hoping it was him,

but it wasn’t.

Sam hadn’t moved since last time Thomas had looked. Thomas searched around the desert plain frantically. He hoped to see a Jack Rabbit, or maybe a tortoise.

Instead he spotted something else.

A reflection of dark eyes in a crouch stared fixedly on him and Samuel. Thomas knew exactly what it was. He jumped to his feet, and so did the monster that had been watching. He grabbed his hand gun, and cocked it. He held it out in the direction of the beast as it approached him. Its nose reached the fire light, and then the light opened like a curtain across the monster’s face. Its teeth were showing as it gave a quiet but horrifying snarl. 

“I’m not scared of you,” Thomas said holding his gun out. The beast seemed to laugh, as more of them appeared. There had to be at least 12 of them, and they all surrounded Thomas, and the still sleeping Sam.

The leader of the pack then pounced onto Thomas.

He shot his gun, and it hit the beast in its chest as its claws and teeth dug into the boy’s flesh.

Thomas gave out a holler as he crashed to the ground, as the monster bled all over his shirt.The wolf was then thrown off of him by now awakened arms. Sam held his rifle and shot the wolf in the head.

The rest of the pack then started to pounce on Sam with vengeance since he had killed their leader. Sam cocked the gun, and shot another coyote right when it was about to land on him. The beast whimpered and fell to the ground. Thomas got to his feet, and watched as two coyotes pounced on Sam and pinned him to the ground. More coyotes then climbed onto him, ripping his clothes into pieces, and biting and scratching into his skin. He gave out a fearsome cry, and hit one of the coyotes in the temple knocking it off of him. Thomas grabbed his gun, and started shooting at the coyotes. Then he saw as another coyote was walking up towards him, growling. Thomas aimed the gun at it, and shot. It was a perfect head shot as the beast fell to the ground. He looked back at Sam as he fought off the 4 that were attacking him.

Then one of the coyotes gave out a loud howl. The other coyotes stopped attacking and looked up to the sky. In a moment a large airship flew over them; the sounds of its engine filling their ears. The coyotes whimpered and retreated back to where they came.

Sam took in a deep breath and then fell to his knees.

His shirt was ripped at the stomach and arms revealing large gouges that were pouring out blood. Thomas ran over to the van, and opened the back hatch. He grabbed the medical kit that was taped to the back side window. He ran over to Sam, and sat in front of him. He opened the med kit and brought out a needle and medical thread and bandages. Thomas looked at the largest gouge Sam had gotten, which was on the side of his arm near his shoulder.

            “That one’s goin ta’ need stitches,” Thomas pointed out.

            “Yeah, I figured that,” Sam said with a laugh looking down at it. Thomas then grabbed a nearby water bottle, and fished out rubbing alcohol and cotton.

“But first we need ta’ clean it,” Thomas added, “Don want that ta’ get infected now,” Thomas poured the water onto the cut to get all the unnecessary blood away.

“Stop,” Sam said, raising his hand, “I’ll do it,” Thomas nodded to this, and then moved away from him, giving him some space.


The End

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