The Dry - Part 5Mature



            The dry desert air blew through Olivia’s black hair as Mitch pressed down harder on the gas when he realized he was slowing up.

To the north and the south, there was just an ocean of desert meeting up with the horizon, as well as to the east which was the direction they were headed. Only faint shapes lay behind them as they got further and further away from the mountains named the Rocks. Mitch took another sip of his whiskey, and a drop trickled from his mouth down his chin. He wiped it with his wrist and looked at Olivia.

If Mitch hadn’t known what the military’s undercover uniform looked like he would have mistook her for a bandit. Her hair was parted far to the side, and tied into a long black braid that fell down her shoulder. She wore a red and white checkered bandana around her neck, with a small leather jacket cut off at the shoulders. Mitch could see a small red anarchy symbol on her left shoulder. The shirt underneath was striped blue and white and revealed her stomach. His eyes moved down to her tight cotton black pants with pockets on the sides.

            “Why are you looking at me like that,” she said in a serious tone. He looked up to realize she was staring at him with her eyes narrowed and unimpressed.

            “You’re uniform is impressive,” Mitch said with a laugh looking back at the road ahead.

Olivia’s expression remained even as she said flatly, “I have no idea what you’re talking about,”

Mitch laughed again and said, “Don’t play coy,” Her eyes stared at the horizon ahead, her expression still not changing, “I was once in the military,” Mitch continued

As if programmed Olivia blurted out “Once in the military—” 

“— always in the military,” Mitch finished, cutter her off.  Her eyebrows rose at this as she turned to him.

“Which branch were you in?” She asked. 

“Air Force,” Olivia nodded at this.

“I was formally a soldier in the army, but then I left.” She said. Now his eyebrows rose and his head turned to her.

“Why? Too intense for your little heart?” he said with a laugh.

She smiled at this but didn’t reply.

Mitch still stared at her, the sun hitting her green eyes, and long black eyelashes. She looked in the back off the jeep, and pulled out one of the water bottles. She held it up to him, and he nodded; approving that she could have it. She drank it greedily since her throat felt as though it was made of sand paper from the dry air. She was also sure she had breathed in a fair amount of loose dust that was sent up as vehicle ran over it.

Suddenly her eyes went wide.

“Cor. Mine!” She yelled, but he didn’t react.

“COR MINE,” She said again, this time screaming.

Mitch slammed on the breaks, but Olivia knew it would be too late.

She hurdled herself into Mitch. He was sent tumbling out of the jeep. She then jumped and did a roll when she hit the sand, just in time, because a second later something burst from underneath the tires, and green acidic liquid consumed the vehicle.

Mitch lay froze with his head up starring at his jeep in horror.

“What are you doing? RUN,” Olivia shouted already on her feet. Mitch got up and started running after her scrambling to keep up. They were about a hundred metres away when the chemical reaction cause by the acid blew the jeep sky high with a deafening blast.

Mitch and Olivia’s hands came to their ears as the loud boom filled the desert sky.

Pieces of the vehicle were sent airborne with a cloud of smoke and sand. They stood there staring at the remains of the jeep in silence.


“Shit…” Mitch said, staring blankly at the jeeps remains.

“How did you not see that mine you idiot!” Olivia shouted

“I don’t know, but I left my whiskey on there,”

“—and all our water and previsions!”

“Yeah, and all that whiskey,” he said still with a blank stare.

“This is such a piss off,” she said stepping away from Mitch and bringing her hand to her forehead in frustrations.

A Cor. Mine was a military weapon. When something ran over it, like a jeep, it would explode sending a corrosive, and explosive, chemical all over said object. The acid was so strong it would devour that object in minutes. Olivia watched as the rest of the jeep disappeared. A site that was truly amazing that something so necessary to them was eaten away in moments.

“Of course this would happen,”

“The whiskey though,”

Olivia looked at him with hatred in her eyes.

“I’m sure you’ll live without your god damn whiskey.”

Mitch didn’t respond but still stared blankly. Olivia looked at her water bottle in one hand and opened her satchel with the other to see what she might’ve saved. She pulled out a half filled canteen, a bag of crackers, her telescope a lighter and 3 smokes.



The End

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