The Dry - Part 1Mature

A post-apocalyptic world where the human race is resorted to be controlled under the military, or as bandits. A war wages between the two fighting for peace, or for anarchy. Olivia Stone, an ex-soldier in the military, gets caught up in a civil war between two bandit mobs in search for her missing sister. All the while a bigger problem looms over her, as well as the the rest of the human race.


            This morning would be one of the mornings where everything was perfect.

The birds would be singing, the grass a deep rich green and the trees slowly swaying in the breeze. Children would be playing with their golden retrievers behind picketed fences, throwing red Frisbees for their companions to catch. The houses would be white as the fluffy clouds slowly sailing like little ships across an endless blue sea. The ocean would be in plain sight, with pink sea shells and yellow sea stars washing up on the shore. Closed eyes could picture this without hesitation, walking along a glass bottle covered beach, with unknowns sinking between your toes. In your mind, it would be the ocean water washing over your feet, and sand getting under your toe nails. A burning sensation would wake you from this dream,

because the world around isn’t that.

There was no grass on this rocky landscape where a traveler crouched down to examine it. Trees were black as charcoal from fires, filled with abandoned nests and trash. Everything was silent, except a wind that carried the smoke and ash. The sky hung a carpet of a thick smoky grey cloud. A traveler had a head hung in silence, standing up holding a piece of grit and throwing it. It flew through the air, and when it hit the hard ground, like glass, it shattered into millions of pieces. It then was swept by the wind joining the dust that aimlessly travelled across the barren land. Like the traveler, it didn’t belong anywhere. It just made up what was.

From the pocket of the traveler’s black coat was withdrawn a rusted telescope, much like the one a pirate would use in the old stories. The traveler looked through it beyond the red rocks to where there was an endless desert.

There was also a black shape.

The blur from the heat made it hard to tell what it was, or if it was coming towards, or farther away. From what could be told, it looked promising. The traveler closed the telescope, and put it back in the right pocket of the black leather coat. A cough escaped the traveler’s throat while jumping off the higher rock, landing on the lower one. A loud call from a vulture was heard and then another returned its reply. They circled in the sky in pairs looking for something dead or close to it. Most of them were sickly looking, or had featherless patches from eating the toxicities that were hidden in the meat. They had spotted the traveler and were now circling above. They were ignored as the traveler finally hit the flat ground. The telescope was brought out once more, and looked through to see that the object was indeed coming closer.

The telescope was put away with one hand, while the other was waving, trying to call the vehicle over. The vehicle started heading toward the traveller at a faster pace. Hands fell into pockets in wait for the vehicle to finally make it to the awaiting. As the vehicle got closer, the traveler saw that it was a green roofless jeep, and the left head light was missing. This type of vehicle was usually used to take nature tours and photography in the African savannah, but of course no one cared about that now.

It slowed when it was 20 metres from the traveller, and then stopped when it was right beside. The traveller now had a clear view of the person driving the vehicle. He was a dark skinned man in his mid-thirties with a shaven head. He wore camo patterned cargo shorts with a black beater. His left hand was on the steering wheel while the other holding a mickey of whiskey. He put the vehicle in park, and put the whiskey on the dash.

            “Did you see that Jack Rabbit?” The man asked. His voice was deep, but gentle.

            “Yes, I believe it’s under your dash,” The traveller answered, hearing this was the sort of password in order to gain the man’s trust in knowing you weren’t a bandit.

“Where you headed?” The man questioned.

“Old Town,” the traveler replied. He nodded at this sceptically and opened the passenger door.

“And I’m guessing you’ll need a ride,” the traveler nodded in response. “Now why’s a pretty lady like you heading to a place like Old Town?” the traveler climbed into the vehicle pursing her lips.

“Personal business,” she answered. He nodded again.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

“Doesn’t matter,” he groaned while rolling his eyes at this and then put the jeep in drive and did a U turn turning around. Dust was thrown up from the back tires and sent into the air as they drove off towards the horizon.

The End

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