A perfect cup of tea

How a perfect cup of tea is made

English blend with a distinctive citrus flavour and bergamot aroma, that has been kept in a dark, tightly closed jar, measured to the exact gram for tealovers delight and scooped into an almost translucent silk bag. Water is slowly steaming and bubbling away, waiting to reach the perfect temperature. Seconds before reaching the peak it is gently removed from the scorching fire and carefully poured over the fabric teabag that was placed inside of a delicate, white porcelain teapot. The water starts to warmly embrace the aromatic leaves, and the colour starts seeping and swirling, as if it just couldn't wait for someone else to stir it up. Precisely after 210 seconds the silk bag must be removed - it is time. The spout of the teapot leans to the nearest cup and spills dark, fragrant concoction, that fills the air with a sense of homeliness and warmth. The cup is almost full and the deep, amber-like potion, is just waiting to be devoured. But there is one more step to be done - the hand leans in and out of nowhere brings in a small glass bottle. It is covered in small dewdrops that indicate the freshness, and holds white, thick liquid. The second the cream hits the tea surface, magic happens - swirls dance in complicated patterns and invoke joy in the observer. When the surface lightens, the brew is ready. Finally, the cup touches red-stained lips and a first sip invokes a feeling of complete satisfaction, liquid flowing smoothly over the tongue and down the throat. It is the perfect cup of tea.

The End

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