After stopping at an Off-Licence on the way to pick up Ally, the father was soon back in the same condition he was in the night before.  When they got home the father realized he was alone in the house. With Ally. Ally knew what he was like after a few drinks, but if she had the strength of a thousand men she still wouldn’t be able to fend him off. A bottle of whiskey in one hand, and a cigarette dangling from his lips, the father lunged at her, pulling her skirt down while she screeched.


Harold sat. Harold watched. At first he wasn’t sure whether or not it was a joke, but when he saw the whiskey bottle smash on the kitchen tile, he needed no explanation. He sat, immobilized by the unfathomable events that were unraveling before his eyes. A repulsive feeling shook through him, penetrating his very core.


The End

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