Chapter Fifteen: A Past Worth Forgetting

**Ahhhhhh! This is the last chapter!! Keep your eyes peeled, the sequel should be released soon. It will be called "Longing For A Purpose: Mizuki's Tale". This emotional rollercoaster will torture you guys no longer! Unless, however, you re read it. Anywho, all good things must come to an end. And thus I present to you, Chapter Fifteen! ((this is told in the POV of Death The Kid))**

    I made my last stop at the tuxedo rental shop, and made my way back to Gallows Manor. The amount of happiness that swelled inside my body almost made my stitches want to burst. I had plans for tonight, alright. And Akemi doesn't even know what's coming. I rang the doorbell, and then facepalmed. Why the hell am I ringing the doorbell to my own house? I laughed to myself, and walked in.

     What awaited me was not something I had expected. Akemi stood at the base of the stairs, a long navy gown swayed at her ankles as Liz finished tying the bow around her waist. Her violet hair was in a bun, and the makeup was flawless. My jaw metaphorically dropped to the floor, and I muttered a woah. Patty helped Akemi into her shoes, which were navy platforms that complimented her dress.

"She's all yours, Kid." Liz guided Akemi to my side.

"She's even more of a pretty girl!" Patty clapped excitedly, running back upstairs.

"Don't have too much fun now, you two. I'm about to go put Patty to bed and watch some TV. Later!" Liz pushed us out the front door, locking it and drawing the curtains.

     Akemi and I walked out of my front lawn in silence, but I decided to break the silence.

"Are you ready for this evenings festivities, my beautiful princess?" I took her hand, placing a kiss.

"Whatever you have planned, oh dear sir whom is kidnapping me for the night." Akemi chuckled, bringing her other hand to cover her lips.

"I suggest you follow my lead and we make a stop by the icecream parlor to start with." Everytime I spoke, I doubted myself on whether or not I was gentleman-ing right.

     Since the places I had planned out weren't too far from each other, we walked to the first destination. She held onto my arm as the city streetlights lit our way on this brisk autumn night. We arrived at the parlor, made our orders, and came outside to sit at the small circular table.

"So, Akemi. What do you think I have planned for tonight?" I questioned her as I re-arranged the fruit in my icecream to be symmetrical.

"I dont know, silly. I'm just glad to be with you again." She placed spoonfuls of chocolate icecream in her mouth.

     I shifted my legs, the tiny box I had in my pocket pushing against the fabric of my suit. Just a little while longer. I kept reminding myself. We sat and talked for a little bit, when she heard her favorite piano piece begin playing, Akemi asked if we could dance together. Here we were, me, the son of Lord Death, and the daughter of the strongest witch alive, waltzing outside an icecream parlor. Oh, had my life taken a turn.

     After the song was over, we bowed to the small crowd that had flocked to us and I lead her to our next destination. There was this hidden spring in the forest near the edge of Death City that had weeping willow trees and cattails on the edge of the water. Once we made it to the forest, Akemi tightened her grip on my hand, and turned her graze to the ground.

"Akemi, dearest, what's the matter?" I furrowed my brows, staring into her eyes.

"...this is where the incident with Asmund happened." She finally spoke, the wind blowing leaves along the ground between us.

"W-Would you prefer we go somewhere else, then?" I took hold of both her hands.

"T-Th-That's in the past, now. I'm here to be happy." Akemi smiled, but I could tell she was forcing it.

     We walked through the forest, finally making it to the secret spring. Akemi gasped, and I hope it was a good one. We took a seat on the edge of the grass, right by the water. We sat in silence for a while, before Akemi's hands started glowing. The blue aura the emanated from her hands was stunning, almost as stunning as what she did next. Her hands moved in hypnotic motions, bending the water to her liking.

     Akemi was just bending it, kind of like someone would from this show I used to watch. While I was distracted by her water magick, the grass whispered as her wings sprouted from her back, gliding across the ground and wrapping one around me. Her eyes met mine, and we leaned in.

"Kid, I love you. No one else could put up with me like you do." She brought a hand to my abdomen, where my now scar was. "You've forgiven me for the worst." Akemi whispered, taking her hand back.

     I hope my silence didn't seem atrocious, I was just distracted by the sheer beauty of this moment. Akemi turned back to the water, bending a shape of a bubble, lifting it up, she popped it above our heads. The cool droplets blotted my skin and hers, bringing a refreshing feeling.

     I felt the small box poking out of my pocket, and I ran a thumb over its maroon velvet covering. I turned to Akemi, offering her my hand as I stood. She accepted it, and we were once locked in a gaze.

"My symmetrical princess, there's something I need to ask of you." I cleared my throat, stepping back and admiring the beauty of her and her white, feathered wings.

"Yes, Kid. Anything." Akemi gave me a puzzled look.

     I reached a hand into my pocket, drawing out the tiny, velvet box. The tension was so real, I swear I felt her eyes widen. I got down on one knee, staring up at Akemi who had both hands covering her mouth, her eyes a rosy pink with tears starting to stream. I opened the box, revealing a black diamond ring with a skull like the ones on mine in the middle. I tried to keep from tearing up, but I continued on.

"Akemi Ayumu, you have been nothing but faithful to me. We have faced hardships, but pull through." I cleared my throat, returning to my proposal. "You have a past worth forgetting, and a flawless future to look forward to."

"K-Ki-Kid..." She stuttered, tears falling faster.

"Akemi, will you marry me?" I stood, placing the ring on her finger.

Stay, for tonight

If you want to, I can show you,

What my dreams are made of,

As I'm dreaming of your face.

I've been away for a long time

Such a long time,

And I miss you there.

I can't imagine bein' anywhere else,

I can't imagine being anywhere else but here.




The End

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