Chapter Fourteen: Carried On Wings Anew

**Can you believe it?? Only one more chapter after this one ;) I've got a sequel lined up so don't fret my lovely readers... This chapter is told in the POV of Akemi! Let's see what our surprise lady has to say :D!**

    What I remember will haunt me for centuries to come. I was awake for most of the battle, as if my body was only possessed. The Genie Hunter had not destroyed me entirely, and here's why. It's a move to destroy all evil until only good remains. That's exactly what it did. My body was purged of the evil Medusa had put inside me, and now I have been reborn, per say.

     Maka and Tsubaki carried me back to the DWMA, while Soul and BlackStar aided Liz and Patty with Kid. Words cannot describe the level of sheer dismay that flows through my body because of what I did. Yet, here I was now, holding him in my arms.

"Hey, Kid." I whispered through a broken tone.

"A-Are y-y-you..." Kid choked, blood pouring from the corners of his mouth.

"It's me, love. It's your symmetrical princess." I took my thumb and wiped away the blood, leaving soft red streaks on his pale skin.

     What followed from that is what got to me the most. Kid erupted with harsh sobs. From happiness or despair, one could not tell. Although, given his current and most recent circumstances, I'd place a safe bet on a mixture of both. I sat on the cold, hard floor, holding him. I was aware of Spirit and Lord Death standing behind me, but to my luck they decided to let us have our moment.

     To try and stop Kid's pain and weeping, I summoned my wings. I wrapped them around me far enough so that they could bear Kid on their feathery surface. Placing both my hands on his bandaged abdomen, I chanted an ancient spell for healing. The blood stopped, and I turned with my wings still holding the now sniffling Kid, to face Spirit and Lord Death.

"Taking into consideration your still unbroken passion for my son here, you're only going to be condemned to one night in the cells. Sound like a good deal, kiddo?" Lord Death bounced closer to me, outstretching a white hand.

"Anything for me to redeem myself to this Academy as well as Kid. I accept, Lord Death." I shook his hand, forcing a smile forward.

     My eyes found their way to Kid, who had fallen asleep in my wings, his body held up against me. I walked out of the Death Room, preparing myself for the torment of others.

*Time Skip provided by sturdy-ass wings*

     I arrived at Gallows Manor, Kid still asleep against my chest. I extended one of my nails, and picked the lock to the front door. Upon entering, I became overwhelmed with a sense of both nostalgia and sadness. Placing Kid softly on the couch, my mind began to reminisce. I had made so many memories here in the past few years. I pulled down my hood, letting my hair fall. Folding up my wings, I began to exit as a distant whisper grazed my ears.

"A-Akemi...I still love you..." Kid slurred, most likely still half asleep.

"Sleep well, my symmetrical prince. I still love you too." My eyes altered themselves to a pastel pink, and I left the manor.

     I summoned Eoten, dismissing my wings, I hopped on my skateboard and shot off towards the DWMA. All I thought about as Eoten rushed above the houses and small businesses, was what had happened to Crona. Last I saw, he was unconscious after Maka had clashed with him. I made it to the Academy, dismounting Eoten and walking myself through the halls.

     To say I got stared at would be an understatement. My clothes had been tattered and ripped to shreds, per result of the fight. My soul protect was off, also. No reason in hiding it anymore, practically everyone knows. I flung open the doors to the Death Room, making my way inside and walking half-heartedly under the dismal guillotine lined walkway.

     I had made my way to Lord Death, clearing my throat at the foot of the platform.

"Per your request, I have dropped Kid off at the manor, and here I am. Ready to be shown to my cell." I bowed slightly, hoping my cooperation would shed a good light.

"Ah, Miss Ayumu. Spirit here will be showing you to your cell. Good to see you're cooperating." Lord Death stated in his farcical tone, and I walked up to shake hands with him.

"This way, Akemi. I'll see that you reach your cell." Spirit walked over to me, placing magick-lock bounds around my body, giving himself a chain lead.

"Just standard procedure. Don't sweat it." He said, giving me a smile.

     Spirit lead me out of the Death Room, and we walked for near 15 minutes before finding our way to the cells below the Academy. 

"So, Akemi. How's your relationship with Kid going?" Spirit's voice echoing slightly through the stone hall.

"Uh, f-fine, I supposed. I was overcame with insanity and he's recovering from a wound I gave him, so I haven't talked to him much." I responded in a sarcastic tone.

"Well, if anything comes up, you know where to find me." He expressed slightly.

     Ugh. What the hell's up with this guy? He's creepy.... Eventually, we found my cell. My eyes glanced everywhere around the surrounding steel door, looking for signs of others. The closest thing I came to find was a dim candle light burning in the cell across from mine. Spirit walked me in, undid the bonds, and walked out, locking the door from the outside.

     The room was severely bare, as expected for a cell meant for delinquents and thugs I assumed. My breath huffed out in front of me in a small cloud, stretching eagerly into the frail light of the setting sun. It was quite cold, if I did say so myself. I kicked off a nearby wall, summoning my feathery wings. I wrapped them around me for warmth, and sat my body down on the subpar bed.

"Ow! Stop it! That hurts! I'm not sure how to deal with pain when it's this cold!" I heard a voice shout from the cell across the way.

"Crona?! Is that you?!" My ears perked up instantly, and I ran over to the door, wrapping my hands around the bars in the tiny square window.

"S-Sis..ter..." I heard him whimper, standing up to the door.

"Oh my death, you survived! Crona, are you alright?" I pulled on the metal bars to no prevail.

     Crona stared at me with his pink and grey eyes, their droopiness beckoning to me in a sense of extreme sadness. His nose was red, and his hands weak. Squinting, I caught a better look behind him. Ragnarok was stretched out of Crona's back, his round hands on Crona's cheeks.

"I-It's so c-co-cold down h-here, Akemi..." Crona groaned, wincing as Ragnarok slugged him in the face.

"You're such a whiny brat, you know! It's not cold! Your body is like a sauna!" Ragnarok repeatedly punched Crona until he slid back down to the ground.

     I once more enveloped my body with my wings, shivering. I tried using magick to leave the cell and find temporary warmth, but the cell had some sort of magick lock on it. I got an idea, one that wasn't to my liking very much, but would at least help with my cold problem. I held open my hands, channeling violet and pale blue magick. Weaving my hands in circles, I interlocked my fingers. Soon enough, my body changed into that of a black wolf. 

     I guess transformation magick has its perks. I leaped onto the frail bed, curling my tail up towards my snout. Smiling lightly, I fell asleep.

*Time Skip provided by douchey Ragnarok*

    I awoke to a knock on my cell door, and hastily changed back into a human. Rubbing my eyes, I stood to see the top of a head full of black hair and what seemed to me, a slight line of white. Did Kid come to see me??  Sure enough, once the steel door grated along the floor, my eyes were greeted with the sight of my love, Death The Kid. I sprung from the flat mattress, and enveloped Kid in a loving embrace, sighing happily

"-oof- Hey now, I'm still injured." Kid laughed, wrapping both his arms around me.

"K-Kid, you have no idea..." I began, but felt the familiar sting in my nose, and avoided crying.

"Neither do you. Come on, we have to get back to the manor." Kid took me by the hand, and we exited the academy.

     I brought a hand to my eyes as the sun beamed down. There were students filing in, and I smiled at each of them, hoping to brighten my reputation once more. Kid summoned Beelzebub, and I began to do so with Eoten.

"There's no need," Kid began. "just hop on the back of Beelzebub, like we used to." He smiled warmly. The smile that melted my heart.

"S-Sure thing." I spoke through a smile.

     While I was climbing on the back, I noticed Maka and Soul walking to the doors. We waved, and Maka sprinted towards me. 

"Akemi! You're okay! I thought my father and Stein were just bluffing..." Maka had me trapped in a tight hug, but finally let me go.

"Y-Yeah, Kid's taking me back to Gallows Manor for who knows what." I said sheepishly, rubbing my neck.

"I've got this evenings chain of events lined up, Liz and Patty just have to get you ready." Kid pulled me up onto Beelzebub, ready to head off.

"Events? What do you mean...?" I barely had enough time before Kid and I rocketed towards the manor, leaving Soul and Maka dazed with confusion.

     We landed rather harshly on the pavement, sending Beelzebub skidding across the ground. Kid dismissed Beelzebub, and lead me into the manor. It wasn't long before I was tackled by an over-ecstatic Patty.

"Pretty girl is back! Pretty girl is back!" Patty repeatedly chanted.

"Hey, Akemi. Ready to get all beautied up?" Liz asked, placing a hand on her hip.

"I-I don't know what for, but sure. Kid says we have plans." I scratched my scalp nervously.

"Yes, we do. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a couple more stops to make." Kid was radiating with happiness, he kissed my forehead before departing once more.

     I stared at the door in curiosity as I felt a powerful yank, and off I went. Liz and Patty dragged me to their vanity, and the rest was history. It's like the moments I was living went to the song Crazy Train.

The End

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