Chapter Thirteen: Repairing The Broken

**Jeeze, sorry about ending like that and not updating for a while. Heh, my birthday has passed now so I should be updating more!! This chapter is in the POV of Death The Kid once more. Enjoy!**

     I watched helplessly as the girl I loved was being torn apart by those tiny black butterflies. My eyes were glued to the scene, although I wanted nothing more but to look away. Liz and patty were both holding my body now, blood still oozing from my wound.

"Kid, it's over. There's no way Akemi could survive a Genie Hunter." Liz tried wiping some blood from my mouth.

"Pretty girl gone..." Patty mumbled.

     I glanced back once more at Akemi's body, the black butterflies nearing her throat. My eyelids were heavy from all the blood loss, as I felt myself go limp in Liz and Patty's arms.

*Time Skip provided by blunt Patty*

     My eyes fluttered open slowly, greeting myself with a plain white paneled ceiling. Oh hell, I better not be dead... I tried sitting up, only to bring shooting pain throughout my body. The source was my abdomen. I glanced down to find myself wrapped several times over in thick medical bandages. My hand found its way to the bandages, and traced them lightly. Although I assume I had been unconscious for quite some time, memories came flooding over me.

     I guess I began to hyperventilate or something, because my heart monitor accelerated. Throwing my head to the side, I saw the IV in my arm too. Professor Stein threw back the curtains, a look of panic and relief occupied his normally monotone appearance.

"Ah, Kid, back with us I see." Stein smiled, walking to the end of my bed.

"Y-Yeah, how long was I out? Where are the others? Wh-What became of..." I began to stutter.

"You've been out for almost two days, the blood loss was significant. BlackStar, Maka, Soul, Tsubaki, Liz, and Patty are just fine. They're in class right now with Spirit as the substitute. As for Akemi..." Stein picked up a clipboard and began looking at its contents.

"Stein, you have to give me something!" I insisted, forcing myself to the edge of the bed.

"Now, now, Kid. That wound could still open up, the stitches are practically fresh. You wouldn't want me to get a scalpel on you again, would you?" He seemed to enjoy saying that last part.

     Speaking with Stein got me nowhere. He eventually just refilled the bag for my IV and left to return to his classroom. I laid there on the bed, staring ambiguously at the bland ceiling.  Such lovely symmetrical panels, this ceiling has. I smirked lightly, but hastily changed my mood back to the worried one it was. Did Akemi actually die? Did Soul or Tsubaki get her soul? Or...or did she survive? All of these thoughts and then some raged on and on inside my mind.

     The sun was rising higher in the sky, indicating to me that it had yet to be noon. The bell would ring, signaling lunch. Maybe someone would stop by and give me some much needed answers.

"Hey, Kid? You there? I-It's me, Maka. Soul's here too, if you don't mind." I instantly perked up at the sound of Maka's voice.

     I called for her and Soul to come and bring a couple chairs by my bed so we could talk. The talking part didn't go over well, however. We sat in awkward silence for a good long while.

"Maka, tell me. About Akemi. What became of her?" I finally broke the silence, propping myself up on pillows.

"Kid, what happened with her was uncool. You should know that more than anybody." Soul tossed in before Maka could respond.

"Soul, that was rude." Maka murmured. "Kid, you'll need to see your father about that." She finished, smoothing out her skirt.

     My heart sank. What could be so horrid that my well trusted friends couldn't even tell me? I brought both my hands to my skull, running them through my hair and scratching profusely. I pulled my fingers away to find small trickles of blood under my nails. My body wanted to erupt in a scream so emphatic, all the DWMA's stain glass windows would splinter into glass shards.

     Maka and Soul left for lunch, and I was once again faced with the cringe worthy loneliness. Just as I was about ready to fall asleep once more, I got the idea to go to my father myself. Why try and force answers out of others while I could just go to him myself? It was settled. I carefully picked the IV out from under my skin, allowing the medicine inside to percolate onto the white sheets. I careened around the room, keeping a tight grip on my abdomen where those bandages are wrapped.

     Lurking through the longer-than-normal hallways, blood began to trill from my mouth, as result of me walking so much so early. I spied a set of large double doors, solid black with a silver trim. I sighed in relief, pushing them open and making my way through.

"...and that's why you can no longer live outside of the Academy." That was my fathers voice. Who was he talking to?

"F-Father..." I muttered, feeling the warmth seep through my bandages.

     My vision began to go hazy, and I was forced onto the coldness of the platform my father was on, along with two others I could see. I noticed Spirit, because he rushed over to me immediately. I saw another figure, a female. Compelling my eyes to focus more, I blacked out in Spirit's grasp.

*Time Skip provided by not creepy Spirit*

     My eyes flickered open, but not to the sight of the white paneled ceiling of the infirmary, to the female face I had failed to identify earlier. She seemed to bore straight into my soul with those denim blue eyes of hers. 

"Hey, Kid." She whispered. It only took those two words for me to tell who she was.

The End

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