Chapter Twelve: A Heart Like Glass (The First Tears)

**Hey guys!! Author here. This is another chapter told in the POV of Death The Kid. Only a few more chapters to go before this tale ends! Enjoy!!**

    Here we stood. Me, the Grim Reaper's son, about to go in blind against the strongest witch the DWMA has faced. Although, we're going in together instead of splitting up like last time.

"Everyone, your attention, if I may." I turned around, clearing my throat.

"Sure, Kid. What is it?" Maka asked, stepping forward.

"As you all may know, Medusa is an extremely dangerous witch. Now whether or not she may still be here, the Demon Swordsman is still alive. Plus, we don't know what Medusa could've done to Akemi. We've fallen on serious times, alright? Don't ever let your guard down. We could easily be facing three opponents, all incredibly strong." I turned back around, motioning for everyone to follow me.

"Oh, and try your best to stay silent. We are in a witch's forest, after all." Asmund threw in.

     We walked for a while, without a single clue as to where we were going. I started to think all hope was lost, and that we had come for nothing.

"Hey, Maka, you've got that fancy gift of yours with souls, why don't you make use of it?" BlackStar questioned, using a tree limb for pull-ups.

"Could've been nicer about it, but yeah. I'm on it." Maka closed her eyes, concentrating intensely. She opened them a few seconds later, a panic look overtaking her face.

"Maka! What is it? What do you see?" I rushed over, placing my hands on her shoulders.

"I-I'm reading the souls of two weapons and two of them is Akemi's soul..." Her voice whispered, barely audible.

     I was completely taken aback. What on Death's green earth had happened to Akemi? My symmetrical princess? Was Maka actually right about this. No, there's no way. Akemi isn't a weapon, she should be read only as a witch. Who was this other character that Maka was picking up also?

"Liz, Patty, transform. We're finishing this." I commanded, staring the two sisters down.

"Kid, are you sure? We don't know where the hell we are in this creepy forest." Liz stated, placing her hands upon her hips.

"Guys, I'll show you. Soul?" Maka glanced at her partner. He nodded, changing his body into a scythe.

     Maka insisted it was better all the weapons transform now, so they did. Her attitude change had me worried. It seemed...determined? No, that wasn't the word. We continued walking until we came upon a dirt trail, leading up to sets of stone steps, finally showing the darkened shadows of two bodies. One, was small and frail, the other was taller, curvier and well built.

     The group and I approached the steps, me leading. The two bodies became more clear as we made our way to them. Stopping a few feet from the steps, I gasped aloud.

"Akemi, my goodness are you alright? We've looked everywhere since the cafe!" I dropped Liz and Patty, attempting to run to her. Maka threw Soul in front of me, blocking my path.

"She's not who she was. Her soul reads as a witch AND a weapon. Something's up." Maka conveyed, her head facing downwards.

"That other that..." I finished as Maka's eyes found their way to the other figure. He stepped into the light, his long black robe swaying in the breeze.

"C-C-Crona...?" Maka let go of Soul, but he transformed back into a human.

"Maka." Crona whispered, his tone stern.

     Everyone just stood there in silence, staring at each other. No one could believe anything that was happening, the moment was so surreal. Akemi just stood there, a hollow stare upon her face. She then snickered, bringing about a wicked grin.

"I'm so bored! Can we get on with this already, oh dear brother of mine?" Akemi waltzed over to Crona.

"S-Sure thing..." He stuttered. Maka, returning to the group, nodded at Soul to transform.

"Oooh! Such a clean blade he has! Oh, but I'm afraid it doesn't match mine~! Crona, catch meeee~!" Akemi cheered, throwing herself into the air and morphed herself into a single-handle twin scythe.

     My jaw seemed to plummet at the sight. Crona handled her with ease. Akemi's blades were like perfect obsidian, laced with bright violet lines decorating the hilt, and white ribbons and lace adorning both ends. Crona twirled her a few times, before staring me in the eyes with a cold glare.

"S-Silly sister h-had to be sy-symmetrical. You've influenced her t-too much, s-son of Lord D-Death, it's ab-about t-time you d-die." Crona lunged at me, swinging wildly with Akemi. Her face appeared on the blade, cackling.

"Tsubaki, kursarigama!" BlackStar shouted, throwing one blade at Crona, catching him by the leg.

"Oh, silly blueberry boy. You shouldn't have done that." Akemi spoke through the blade.

     I dodged Crona, allowing BlackStar to drag him over. I glanced at Maka, who was absorbed in the situation. Akemi transformed back into human form, summoning great, black, feathery angel looking wings from her back. I ran over to her, Liz and Patty in hand.

"Akemi! What has she done to you?!" I exclaimed, aiming my twin pistols unless she came uncomfortably close.

"Oh~? And who might you be? Your soul looks delicious! Mind if I have it~?" Akemi piped up, fluttering her eyelashes.

" don't k-know me...?" I fell to my knees, placing my hands on the ground and sliding my pistols away.

"Kid! Wait!" I heard Liz yell.

     Akemi extended a ribbon she wore around her waist, wrapping it around my neck. I kicked wildly, struggling against the choking feeling. Maka charged at Akemi, only to be thrown back by Crona and Ragnarok. As I was raised higher, I noticed BlackStar and Tsubaki unconscious against a tree. Akemi began to beat her wings, lifting her into the air with me.

"Awe, you're so pathetic. You're supposed to be the Grim Reaper's son? Hah! What a waste of a life, you are. Now, die!" She threw me against the stone steps, coughs accompanied by blood escaped my mouth.

"L-Liz, Patty!" I called, only to watch Akemi shoot a spell at the both of them, binding them to the ground with an invisible force of magick.

     Akemi was still in the air. She stuck out her left leg, and I could see her scars. Medusa...could she have done this? Akemi's leg transformed into one of the blades I saw earlier. Her smile shining in the newfallen moonlight.

"Let's go, Soulless Blade!" She commanded, bringing the blade down upon me. I could feel the flesh tear as my painful cries pierced the night.

"Kid!" Maka exclaimed, but she was too locked in battle with Crona to help me.

"Oh, Kid. Death The Kid." Akemi whispered, elongating her nails and dragging them along my fresh cut.

     I couldn't move. And I sure as hell couldn't bring myself to hurt her. I knew what was happening, somewhat. Her soul was struggling with itself. There was another power fighting for control...a red, bubbly substance boiling around in her wavelength. My bloodshot eyes found hers, and I was petrified to my very core. They were subhuman pits of shadow, the energy radiating from her eyes like smoke from a large candle.

"Ak-Akemi...please...why're you...doing this..." More blood spewed forward from my mouth.

"Mother doesn't like you Grim Reaper-following-folk. She wants you all eliminated." Akemi giggled with a demented tone.

"You have to remember...yo-you h-have t-" I was cut off by a blade slicing through Akemi's abdomen, coming within inches of my face.

     Akemi gagged, blood now dripping from her mouth, into her palm she was holding out. Black...blood? That's what was wrong... The blade was ripped out of her torso, leaving a large gash due to Soul's curved blade. She stood, facing Maka who was panting. Crona was laying on the ground behind her, unconscious.

"Oh, goodness me! What have you done to my brother?!" Akemi wailed, transforming her arm into the other half of the scythe.

"What had to be done. He's still alive, because I believe he can be saved." Maka snapped, raising Soul and preparing a Genie Hunter.

"M-Mak-a! N-No! She's s-still in there! It's the black blood!" I grabbed my open wound, attempting to stand. I took one look at my hand...blood stained my once clean skin.

     Akemi whirled around to me, throwing Maka and I aside. She hit the path and rolled, while I was slammed into a tree. This isn't going well...I can't last much longer, even as a Grim Reaper. Blood, that's all I could see around me. The passed out bodies of BlackStar and Tsubaki just lay there, gathering dirt from this losing battle.

"You children have met with an ill fate, haven't you?" Akemi rose in the air once more.

"Wait until you see what the great Witch Medusa, my honorable mother, has bestowed upon me!" Akemi wrapped her wings around her, before thrashing them out along with an endless array of shadow energy spikes.

"Dark Angel Nightmare!" I heard her yell, but before she could use her finishing move, she was shot to the ground rather forcefully.

     There he descended, Tsubaki in kusarigama mode. BlackStar rubbed his hands together, laughing frenziedly.

"Silly witch! You need to learn not to let your guard down!" BlackStar mocked, charging at Akemi once more.

"Foolish boy! I'll kill you!" Akemi searched rapidly for BlackStar, but he wrapped her up in Tsubaki's kusarigama chains with little trouble.

"Oh, just you try. BlackStar, pull Tsubaki away!" I watched as Maka was resonating with Soul.

     I crawled out of the position I was in, thumping down on the dirt path. Liz and Patty had broke free of the magick, and rushed over to me in extreme concern. My breathing had become erratic, and my body kept breaking into cold sweats. Is this the end for me...? Being killed by the one I love?

     I yelled as loud as I could, the adrenaline pushing my body to the brink. Maka, her resonance with Soul complete. She tore through Akemi with a Genie Hunter, her body bending in pain, beginning to dissipate, tiny black butterflies eating every bit of her from the feet up.

Genie Hunter, the move to purge all evil until nothing but good remains.

The End

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