Chapter Ten: Madness Forgotten

**This chapter is in the POV of Akemi**

    I rode Eoten (what I had decided to name my skateboard) as far away from Death City as was possible before taking a break. I stopped at this small town, halfway to my destination. Casting away Eoten, I put Soul Protect back on and walked into a cafe located in what seemed to be the central hub.

"Well, you look like quite the outlander. Where ya from, Miss?" A waiter greeted me upon my entrance.

"D-Death City." I stammered.

"We don't get much of you city folk out here. Take a seat, a server will be right with you." He smiled broadly, gesturing towards the partially filled seating area.

     I sat in a booth, the side facing the entrance. Placing my arms upon the table, I sighed heavily. It's past morning classes. I wonder if Asmund found my note... I wonder if Kid is okay... Just as I was about to just get up and leave, the waitress came by and gave me my menu. I took it, unfolding the plastic menu and skimming my options. I sat it back down just as she walked over.

"Are you ready, ma'am?" The waitress asked politely, pulling out a pen and pad.

"Strawberry chocolate cheesecake. A-And a vanilla malt, please." I looked up from my menu to see a sight that almost ran my soul dry. Kid had walked in, along with every other friend I just so happen to have.

"That'll be all?" She asked. I quickly hurried her off, insisting I keep my menu.

     Everyone sat at a huge half circle table at the corner by the window. I was a few booths back and in the middle of the cafe, so I had an easy view of them without making myself obvious. I watched as Kid took a place in the middle of everyone, so if I slipped up in the slightest...he would see me. I kept my menu folded up, peeking over every so often.

"Hey, how much longer until this creepy swampy place anyway, Kid?" I heard BlackStar ask, spinning the knife on the table.

"I feel we're getting closer. Death City is a ways behind us, you know." Kid replied, folding his napkin into shapes.

     My food arrived, and I was forced to make a hasty decision on how I was going to keep my cover. I decided to just stand my menu up by my plate while I ate. It was going well, until I heard a comment directed towards me.

"Hey! That lady has a weird hat! Kid, look at her hat!" Patty cried, wildly waving her arm and pointing.

     It then donned on me that I was still in my witches attire, which I'm surprised didn't bother the people in this town. Then again, they've probably never seen a witch before. My body was covered in nervous goosebumps, when I heard footsteps approaching. I did a spur of the moment thing to try and cover up my face, which was shoving it in my cake.

"Oh, hey. Who's that over there yelling about my hat?" I asked, my face turning red.

"That's my weapon, Patty. She has a hyperactive personality, so I just wanted to apologize. To each their own in terms of dress." Kid sounded sarcastic, his hands shoved in his pockets.

"Sh-She just startled me, is all." I chuckled nervously.

"Ah, yes. I'll be off, then. Sorry." He turned, going back to his table.

     I groaned, making my hands into fists. Dammit, now I've got cake all over my face... I got up and walked to the washroom. Embarrassment seemed to radiate from my body as I looked at myself in the small, cracked mirror.

"For the love of all that is wicked! Please, please tell me Kid didn't notice me." I splashed water in my face multiple times, and then dried myself. I turned the water off, and to my surprise the cafe outside had gone dead silent.

     I creaked open the door slightly, poking my head out with caution. Seeing nothing, I swung the door open and walked out. Shaking my head, I looked up to another surprise I didn't need.

"I knew it was you, Akemi. What kind of lover would I be if I couldn't recognize my own witchy girlfriend?" He spat, taking his hands out of his pockets.

"K-Kid, I didn't expect to see you here." I turned my gaze anywhere but his golden eyes, twiddling with my thumbs. 

"Why? Why'd you leave? I came to check on you this morning only to find Asmund screaming on the floor." His tone returned back to the one I knew, with a hint of sorrow.

     This was not good. This wasn't good in the slightest bit. How did he find me? Why can't I fix this on my own? My mind dug up a plan, and I went with it. Throwing myself on to Kid, I began crying.

"I'm sorry! Kid, I'm sorry! I didn't want anyone, you especially, to fight my battles." I buried my face in the familiar scent of his suit.

"I knew for the first time when we became connected, Akemi, I'd be with you til the end." He enveloped me in a loving hug.

"W-Why'd you clear the c-ca-cafe?" I sniffled, leaving his arms.

"I thought you might fight, that's why. But now you see, so let's go. Let's go home, Akemi." He reached out a hand, which hurt me more to decline than it did to look him in the eyes.

     The more emotional I get, the more violent my magick gets. I ignored those thoughts as I shoved Kid aside, knocking him into a table nearby. I burst out the glass door, shards cutting into my fragile skin. Everyone else was gathered outside, and looked at me with anticipation.

"Soul Protect, release!" I yelled as everyone shielded their eyes from the dust being kicked up.

"Akemi, please! Come back with us! We can help you!" I heard Maka cry, coming after me.

"Eoten, at my side!" I threw out both hands and brought forth bolts of violet and white lightning which morphed into my skateboard.

     I leaped on, turning back to see Kid limping out of the cafe, a hand on his side. Tsubaki helped him over, and now everyone was looking at me while I stared them down from the air.

"All the light consumed by dark, I call upon the Grand Witch's mark!" Throwing out my arms, the leathery wings once again emerged from my back.

"Akemi! Don't do this!" Kid pleaded, tears welling up in his eyes.

"Dark magick assist me...Shadowbolt Volley!" I tossed my hands in front of me, sending multiple bolts of pure shadow energy flying at everyone. 

     I kicked on the side of Eoten, beating my wings to give me more momentum as I flew off, not looking back even once. I finally stopped for a moment, about an hour away from the small town I had disturbed. My wings disappeared, and I was now tending to the wounds left by the broken glass.

"T-They're still following me...why would they do this? This isn't their fight!" I yelled, then casting the magick to heal my cuts.

    My eyes began to stare at my shadow, indicating the sun was setting and I needed to pick up the pace if I wanted to make it to Medusa's before then. Once again, I hopped on Eoten and jolted off.

     I made it to the swampy forest just as the sun fell behind the mountains, and the smiling moon showed its deformed face. I peered anxiously into the trees, the darkness of night creeping up their trunks and swallowing them whole. Taking a few steps into the forest, I heard branches cracking. I brought out my hands, and shadow magick began to swirl in my palms, ready to be launched at whoe- no, whatever was around me.

"Don't test me, fool! Come out, I demand it!" I yelled, turning my body in circles.

"It's just me, sister. Mother has been waiting for you." A familiar, lowly, whispering tone caressed my ears.

"Crona, you scared me..." I sighed, dismissing the magick and walking over to give him a hug.

"Lady Medusa is in her Study. Come, she's expecting you." Crona's small stature began to disappear into the foggy, dark environment.

     Only a slight bit reluctant, I found my legs moving forward to follow him. Hoping Kid and the others would stay behind, for they don't know what lies ahead.

Be careful making wishes in the dark.



The End

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