Chapter Nine: A Whole New Witch Hunt

**This chapter will be told entirely in the POV of Death The Kid. I'm writing this way so we can catch a glimpse at life at the Academy now that Akemi is missing. This will happen a few more times throughout the story as the plot-line develops further. Thank you** 

     The sun broke through my curtains as I groaned, stretching my arms in the air, then bringing them back down so I could rub my eyes. Sitting on the edge of my bed, I grabbed my head in a sudden pinch of pain. Something's not right. Something' I thought to myself. Looking around my room, everything was symmetrical and in place, so I pushed the thought aside.

     I walked out of my room and down to the kitchen. Remnants of yesterday played over in my mind as I took a seat in a bar stool. Patty was running around making airplane noises while Liz dug through the fridge for breakfast.

"Hey, Kid, it's your turn to prepare breakfast." Liz called from the fridge.

"Fend for yourself. I'm not hungry." I spat, folding my arms on the counter.

"Still hung up on yesterday, huh? Maybe you should leave early and go check on her. I heard she's with Asmund in their apartment." Liz spoke, bringing some yogurt from the fridge.

     She had a good point. I had told Akemi that I needed time to absorb it all, but that shouldn't get in the way of me checking on her. I ran to my room, changed, and came back downstairs. 

"Liz, Patty, I'll meet you two at school. I'm going to check on Akemi." I stated, just before bolting out the front door.

     Stopping on the front porch, I cast out a hand and summoned Beelzebub. The wheels turned to rockets, and I was off.

~Time Skip provided by airplane Patty~

     I dismounted Beelzebub at the top of the staircase on the floor Akemi's apartment was. I remember Maka's apartment number, 78. The apartment's here go in chunks of 10, so Akemi's is... I looked around rather frantically, before yelling my answer aloud.

"88! Oh, I swear I love her even more now! Such a perfect number!" My hands seemed to throw themselves in the air in excitement. I stopped, however, when what I was supposed to be doing took over my mind again.

     I found Maka's door, and went directly next to it. Sure enough, apartment 88. I went to knock, but found my hands returning to my sides in tightly clenched fists. What am I to say? I haven't spoken to her at all since the incident yesterday. What right do I have to just come over unannounced and expect Akemi to talk to me?  I turned to walk away just as the sound of screaming pierced my ears. 

"Akemi?!" I yelled, throwing my body against the door. 

"I-I wish..." A low voice murmured. It was Asmund. Why on earth was he screaming in such a sense?

"Asmund! Why on earth are you screaming?" I demanded, now panting.

     He handed me, with a shaky hand, a crumpled piece of notebook paper. Could this be why he was screaming? Who knows. I unfolded and smoothed out the paper best I could, but a good half of it was still unreadable. "Tell Maka I'm sorry. And Kid...tell Kid I love him." was all I could read. My hands began to tremble, and my body rocked with silent cries.

"She wasn't in her room when I went to wake her up this morning. The window was wide open and her bed was a total mess." Asmund choked, finally standing up.

"Do you have any idea where she could have gone?" I dropped the note, harshly gripping his shoulders.

"S-She told me about a nightmare she had at your house the day she came home from the hospital. And mentioned a place with lots of arrows on the trees, and snakes. Kind of like a swamp." Asmund wiped his nose and sniffled.

"Asmund, with me, now. We have to go to the Academy and pick up some things." I took hold of his arm, and we burst out the apartment.

     Summoning Beelzebub, I yanked Asmund behind me on the board. We rushed off the nearby balcony, and onward to the DWMA. We arrived in the courtyard, looking around for any people left outside.

"Hey, Kid, it's 8:30. Classes have already started. What exactly do we need from here anyway?" Asmund questioned, poking at his watch.

"Just some necessary means for getting back Akemi." I pushed through the doors to the Academy, and made my way for Professor Stein's class.

     I marched down the hall rather angrily. Annoyed, at the fact that she just took off like this. Worried, that she could be in danger. Arrows, snakes, swampy area? Why does that sound so familiar? I shook my head, finally finding the room labeled Class Crescent Moon. I threw open the door, slamming it against the wall and causing all eyes to land on me.

"Oh, Kid. You're late. Take a seat and I'll dismiss the tardy." Stein turned the screw in his head so it clicked.

"Soul, Maka, Tsubaki, BlackStar, Liz, Patty." I called out, clearing my throat. "Akemi Ayumu is missing. I need you guys to come with me to bring her back."

     I watched as most of the class had clueless looks, which annoyed me. But I carefully examined the faces of those I had called out, her true friends. The awkward silence was prominent as Asmund finally came in behind me. He stood beside me, and I whispered out the corner of my mouth.

"What the hell, Asmund? Where have you been?" I looked up to find Tsubaki holding back tears, and BlackStar frozen with a wide eyed stare.

"I ran into Spirit while you were marching ahead of me. I told him about Akemi's dream, he says the Witch Medusa fits the description for snakes and arrows." He waved shyly at everyone, who was still staring at us.

     Apologizing to Stein, I jumped on top of his desk, throwing out my arms and raising my voice.

"We have reason to believe the Witch Medusa is behind Akemi's disappearance. Because of this, those whose names I called out earlier will be coming with me to the Death Room." I flinched when I heard Stein clear his throat. "With the permission of the Professor, of course." I hopped down, peering at him.

"Go on, then. What are you guys waiting for? Maka, Soul, Tsubaki, BlackStar, Liz, Patty, and Asmund, go with Kid. You're dismissed." Stein waved them down while he continued his lesson.

     I lead the group to the Death Room, ignoring their constant pleads for answers. Right as we got to the door, Liz grabbed my shoulder and forced me around. Everyone was staring at me. Their eyes filled with worry, curiosity, annoyance, anger... What did they want, exactly?

"While being pulled out of a lecture is cool with me, why'd you do that, Kid?" Soul questioned me, stepping forward.

"All I know is Akemi is missing. If I had more answers, don't you think I would tell you?" I swung back around, opening the door to the Death Room and walking in.

     My father was facing his mirror with Spirit at his side. Spirit saw us walking first, and barreled straight for Maka. She smacked him over the head with a book, which knocked me out. Everyone was standing behind me in anticipation for what I had to say to Lord Death.

"Father. I have urgent news." I walked up closer to him, standing at his side.

"Ohhh? What could be the issue, kiddo?" He scratched his head with a large white hand.

"It concerns Akemi. She has gone missing." I said gloomly, turning my gaze to the floor.

     Spirit instantly recovered, putting his hands in his pockets. He took his spot to the other side of Lord Death.

"It's true, Lord Death. I spoke with Asmund briefly and he told me about a nightmare Akemi had been having. According to what she told him, it's in a swampy area with a lot of snakes and arrows." Spirit's expression hardened.

"You assume she's with Medusa?" Lord Death bounced to face Spirit.

"I wish to take this select group of Meisters and Weapons with me to bring back Akemi. Dad, please." I dropped to the floor, looking up at my father through my bangs.

     The Death Room was a ghostly quiet for a few minutes. I was looking down at the floor when a hand came upon my shoulder.

"I'll stand with you, Kid. Akemi is a wonderful person. Soul and I will be at your side." It was Maka, she helped me up and offered a reassuring smile.

"I'LL BEAT THAT EVIL WITCH TO A PULP BEFORE I LET HER HARM MY FRIEND! TSUBAKI, LET'S GO!" BlackStar yelled, throwing his hands in the air.

"O-Of course, I'll go. I'm her weapon and I've barely done a battle with her." Asmund said timidly, rubbing his neck.

"You can't get anywhere without your weapons. You can count on us." Liz gave a thumbs up.

"Yeah! Let's go save the pretty girl!" Patty cried out, running in circles.

     I looked at everyone, my heart feeling like it was being uplifted by a warm current. Everyone willing to help, even though it's a huge risk to their lives. 

"Y-you do realize, I'm practically asking you to lay down your lives?" I sniffled, not allowing any tears to escape.


"No, BlackStar wait!" Tsubaki chased after him.

     My dad stood there in disbelief at what was happening. Him and Spirit looked at each other before dismissing this whole happening. I walked in the middle of everyone, and we began leaving the Death Room. Whoever thought I'd be going after one witch to save another. I thought to myself, smirking. Even more so, a witch I love.


The End

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