Chapter Eight: My Own Serenity

     Stein walked over to me, and placed a hand on my shoulder. Alarmed, I shot up from my spot and raised my arms in defense.

"There's no need to worry, Akemi. Lord Death and I have talked enough and I'm sure I understand. Maka? What's your input?" Stein questioned, looking over at the dirty blonde girl.

"I-I'm on Lord Death's side. Whatever he believes, I go by. Plus, I don't see Akemi as a threat. She's more of a defensive type." Maka walked over to me, offering her hand.

"T-Thank y-you, guys. This means so much." I shook her hand, and turned back to Kid.

     He still sat there, staring sorrowfully in the distance, not paying this conversation a lick of attention. Kneeling down, I put my hand on his shoulder, which caused him to turn around.

"Well, Kid," I muttered, staring downwards, "do you forgive me?" Returning my gaze to his, my eyes clicked to gold, just like his.

"I need to absorb all of this. Let Stein walk you home, okay?" Kid got up, and exited the Death Room with promptness.

     I sighed, taking the side of Stein and walking out as well. Before we left, he stopped at his classroom and I was forced to stay outside. Well, I didn't die. That's a plus. But I fear for Kid and I's relationship, since I'm the thing he's supposed to be hunting after. My thoughts were interrupted by a desperate calling of my name and fast footsteps.

"Akemi! Spirit finally let me go." It was Asmund. Why didn't he just wait at home?

"Asmund, why'd you come all the way here?" I gave him a hug, and could tell he ran more than he should have because of his panting.

"I needed to check on you. I know Stein carried you out in chains. I-I...I was worried." He gave me another huge hug, and leaned next to me on the wall.

     I explained all that had happened, leaving out what Kid had told me before he left. I peeked into Professor Stein's classroom and told him that Asmund was here to walk me home instead. I turned my Soul Protect back on, and we left the DWMA.

~Time Skip provided by surprise Asmund~

     Asmund and I entered my loft, which was cleaner than I remember leaving it. I turned to him, one eyebrow raised.

"What? I thought you'd want something nice to come home to." I could tell he was blushing, which made me smile.

"I'm going to go change. Mind bringing some water to a boil?" I requested, beginning to walk down the hall.

"Of course, witchy-Meister-lady." Asmund's tone was playful, so I let the remark slide.

     My room was the one farthest back, giving a nice view of the city below. I closed my curtains, and fell back on my bed. So much had happened lately, I'm surprised I didn't snap. Several pressing thoughts made their way into my mind, but I pushed them all away. I changed into some jeans, plaid button-down, and sneakers. Walking back into the living room, I saw Asmund standing in the kitchen at the stove.

"Hey, I've changed my mind. Let's just order something." I smiled, hoping it wouldn't irritate Asmund.

"Yeah, I'd prefer that." Asmund stated, walking over to the phone.

     Once our dinner arrived, we sat on the couch and watched television. The night carried on, and a headache I had developed progressed as well. Asmund offered to take the trash from our meal, and I fixed the pillows on the couch.

"Hey, Asmund. I'm going to go turn in, okay? Not exactly the best day for me." I sighed, walking into my room.

"U-Uh, yeah. Goodnight, Akemi!" I heard him call.

     I opened the white lace curtains, filling my eyes with the sight of night time. I stood there, admiring the over sized burning candles of the Academy in the distance. I stuck my head further out and squinted just enough to see Gallows Manor in the distance. I propped my head up using the palm of my hand, and stared. I know Kid can't see me, so why the hell am I mindlessly staring at his home? Kinda creepy. I shook my head in a futile effort to get those thoughts away.

     A knock came upon the door, and my body was forced to leave its peaceful spot to go answer it. Asmund stood there in his pajamas, giving me one final hug before walking across the hall to his room. I think he was trying to say goodnight... Oh well. Changing into my pajamas, I walked over to lock the windows and shut the curtains. My body found its way curling under the blankets and staring up at the ceiling without me really putting my mind to it.

"It's been a couple days since I've had that nightmare," I spoke to myself. "maybe it was just a one time thing." But the sound of the laughter that was in the dream was eating at me. Who was that?

     I was forcing my body to sleep, in hopes I could escape those horrid thoughts.

~Time Skip provided by wasted boiled water~

My legs felt incredibly heavy. Where was I? Last I recall I was sleeping peacefully in my own bed. Dragging myself up, my eyes scanned the area for any familiar surroundings. The ground I stood on appeared to be water, as ripples radiated from my feet, but I didn't fall in. My body was dressed in my witches attire, and my monster hood lay on my head. "Well, I guess I could use magick... I mean, there's no one around and I have no clue where the hell I am." Throwing my hood off, it animated into a rounded creature with wings on its side and a wiggly tail. Levitating to the top of it, I rode it around in search of familiarity. 

At last, I came across Crona. He was gripping his right arm as if it were a lifeline. I hopped off my animated hood, and walked over to him. "Crona! It's so nice to see you! I miss y-" My outstretched arm was greeted with a different sight as Crona turned around. Instead, the body morphed into Medusa. "Come home, Akemi. The Grand Witch herself has given me custody. I'll be the mother you never had." I tried to back away but her hands shot out arrows that wrapped around my ankles, preventing any movement. "Crona misses you, I miss you. Come home, yes?"

    I awoke with sweat drenching my body, and the blankets all messed up. My eyes found the window, and saw the moon was still high in the sky. I got up, and walked into my bathroom. My hair was stuck to my face, which I pulled away. I turned on the sink and brought a cloth under the water. I ran the cloth across my sweaty face and neck, sighing deeply.

"Another nightmare...this has to mean something." I whispered, looking at my reflection and back over to my window.

     The hinges creaked as I opened the window, pushing out the two panes. Once again, My head was propped up by my palm, and I peered into the late night scene. My thoughts clouded by a nightmare that I had hoped was gone. Even though it differed from the last one, its similarities were too great. "Come home, Akemi. I'll be the mother you never had." echoed in my head. I placed my face in my hands, sobbing quietly. 

     Finally, I stood back up straight and made my hands into fists. I know what I have to do, I can't let Medusa haunt me any longer. Throwing out my dresser drawer, I got out a pen and paper, beginning to write a note for Asmund.  "Asmund, I've left on important business. Do not fret, I'll return shortly. Tell Maka I'm sorry, and tell Kid...tell Kid I love him." I tore the paper out of the notebook, quietly opened my door, and ran to leave it on the kitchen counter.

     I went over to my window, fought back tears, and climbed out. Swinging onto the roof, I let the wind envelop my violet hair, intertwining itself with my long locks. I threw out a hand, and turned off my Soul Protect. I then brought both hands out in front of me to where my thumbs met, and channeled out violet and white magick waves, forming them into a skateboard of my own creation.

"Being with Kid so long, I picked up a few tricks of his." I looked down at the skateboard, its violet base accented with white stripes and black wheels.

"S-Stop it," I wiped my eyes, pushing back tears. "you remind me of Beelzebub."

     With my body now dressed in its witches attire once more, and my hair returned to its black colour, I hopped on my skateboard and soared off into the night. I knew exactly where Medusa was located, but I made one last stop before leaving Death City. I flew over to Gallows Manor, to see if I could catch one last glimpse at Kid.

     I flew around to the side where I could hopefully peer into his window. The curtains were blocking the way, so I brought up my hand and waved them aside. Sure enough, Death The Kid, the boy who thought himself incapable of Love, but found it in me, was laying back-down on his bed. That bed, I remembered, that I lay in not too long ago. My eyes welled up again, clicking to blue. This time, I didn't even bother to wipe away my tears or even hold them back.

"You have all the time to think now, Love." I sobbed, reminiscing at all the warm, fuzzy memories the two of us shared.

     My time here has drawn to a close. I thought to myself, bringing Kid's curtains back together, and flying off on my skateboard. As I felt myself exiting the barrier around Death City, I felt my heart hurt. I turned my back for the final time on Death City, on Gallows Manor, on the DWMA. On a life that I had hoped to keep.

The End

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