Chapter Six: Remembering Yesterday

     Kid had to help me eat my dinner, which was pretty embarrassing. I talked with Liz some more, and she was actually pretty cool. After we all sat around and socialized, Kid once more lifted me up, and began carrying me down the hall.

"Kid, where exactly are we going?" I asked sleepily, my body forcing a yawn.'

"To my room. I don't want the hassle of fixing a guest room if you won't even be staying any longer than you have to." His voice seemed almost upset at that last sentence.

     He laid me down on the right side of the bed, folding the sheets on me ever so carefully. I laughed to myself. Him going through all this trouble, when in reality, I didn't even need to be in these bandages past dinner time. I'm a witch, after all. And a daughter of the Grand Witch, my healing was progressively faster than that of a reaper such as Kid.

"Well then, now that you're all comfy, I must go change into my proper sleeping attire." Kid announced, opening the doors to his walk in wardrobe.

"Y-you mean, you have another set of pajamas to wear?" I scoffed, flicking my right hand in annoyance.

"Now now," Kid turned his head towards me, "you can't be that eager to get into bed with me, Akemi." He laughed, closing and locking the doors to his wardrobe.

     I went back to the thoughts of what Kid had told me earlier. "Stein found something off about your wavelength, though, which is concerning." Stein was an even more skilled user of his Soul Perception. Could he really see through me, but not have the heart to tell Kid? Who knows. I kept going through all the possibilities of how, when, and where to tell Kid of my past. It haunts me constantly, and I know I can't think of hurting him or Asmund. Or anyone, for that matter...

     My thoughts are interrupted and I'm sent back to reality by the wardrobe door opening, and Kid emerging. I tried to stop my eyes from widening as much as they did, but not to help anything they also clicked to a bright pink. Shaking his head lightly, Kid looked up to find me in a blatant stare.

"Yes, Akemi! Admire the symmetrical perfection of my bare body!" He cried out, throwing both his arms in the air to stretch.

"Don't flatter yourself, sweetheart." I forced that sentence out, bringing a hand to cover my eyes. I felt my eyes click back, and I removed my hand.

     Kid wasn't nude, if that's what you were thinking. He only had on boxer shorts, though. He climbed into the bed, making sure the sheets were still placed nicely. He rolled over to the middle of the bed and stared at me. Kid explained how he always slept in the middle, in order to feel aligned in the bed.

"Then what're you gonna do about the huge empty space on the other side of you?" I questioned, almost sarcastically. Almost without skipping a beat, Kid reached under the bed and threw a body pillow on that space.

"There. Now it's equal." He smiled, rolling over and quickly falling asleep.

~Time Skip provided by half naked Death The Kid~

     I was running. I don't know what for, but I was running. My legs were burning, but I kept on running. My surroundings weren't familiar, but I recognized maniacal laughter that seemed to hit me at every corner I turned. "Akemi! Akemi! Why?! Why did you lie to me?! I trusted you! I LOVED YOU!" I heard a voice scream, it was Kid. What was he possibly doing here? No matter, I kept on running. I found myself at a dead end, surrounded by water. The water wasn't blue, though. What was it? I took a closer look, it wasn't water at all. The thick liquid morphed into Crona, staring mindlessly at me. "Medusa wants you back, sister. We miss you. We could be a family again." I reached out to him, but the image changed. It was Kid, who had tears pouring from his once beautiful eyes. "Useless, useless! You're a useless witch! That's all you are, Akemi! That's all you'll ever be!" Kid ranted at me, before the black liquid reached out and swallowed by body.

     I awoke screaming, my body sent into a full fledged panic attack. Kid burst through the door, panic rampant on his face as he ran over to try and calm me down.

"Akemi! Akemi, come on snap out of it! You're okay, I've got you. I've got you." Kid yelled, holding my upper body in his arms. I stifled what was now tears in his black shirt he wore.

"K-K-Kid, I had a horrible nightmare." I looked up at him, my eyes a deep blue and the skin around them puffy from crying.

"It's alright, darling. I've got you. No need to worry." He held me closer, his heartbeat soothing to me, and I stopped crying.

     I assured him that I was stable now, and that I could get dressed on my own. My legs were healed, as was the rest of my body, but I needed to put on some what of a limp so it still seemed believable that I was injured. As Kid gave me one final look, he shut the room door and carried on to the kitchen. I unbuckled my neck brace, laying it on the bed and walking over to lock the door. Kid had mentioned that there were some clothes for me Asmund had brought over last night on the dresser, so that's where I looked.

     Sure enough, a black and white striped sweater with torn jeans and sneakers was laying there. The sneakers on the floor, of course. I also noticed a drawstring bag, which was labeled "UNDERGARMENTS. DO NOT TOUCH. AKEMI ONLY". I chuckled, ridding myself of bandages and the tight cast for my arm. I stretched, happy to feel my whole body again. I got clean bandages, situated those, and then put my clothes on before replacing the cast. I noticed he had a bathroom, which made me happy.

"Now, to fix your ugly mug." I muttered, snapping my fingers and having my hair-care products and makeup appear. Oh, using magick without releasing soul protect was such a beautiful happening.

"Akemi!" I heard a call from the door. "Are you alright? Do you need me to h- nevermind, just come out soon okay? Breakfast is getting cold." Kid finished, I heard him hit his head against the door.

"I-I'll be out soon!" I called back, restraining my laughter.

     Turning back to the mirror, I finished applying my makeup, and snapped my fingers once more so the materials disappeared. I then looked at my hair, which was a whole other chore. I decided to just braid it, and I walked out of the bathroom, my violet locks bouncing on my right shoulder. I made sure to put on my neck brace before I left, also. I closed my eyes, and sighed. Make it believable. Just...make them believe you're still in pain. I unlocked the door, and was faced with the sight of Patty, who swooped me up and ran with me in arms to the kitchen.

"Kid! Kid Kid Kid Kid! I got your girlfriend! Look, I got her!

     Patty let me go, and I almost slipped. Yelping, I grabbed the counter as Kid rushed over to help me up. He sat me in a bar stool, and lectured Patty about being careful. I sighed heavily, setting one arm on the counter and resting my head on it. Or rather, sluggishly laying it on my arm. Liz looked up from washing dishes in the sink, and began talking to me.

"Hey, Akemi. Are you alright? I heard you screaming this morning and then Kid ran off in the middle of straightening a frame. Must be important." She laid the plates down in a stack in the sink, awaiting my response.

"It was j-just a nightmare, Liz. Thanks." I drooped out of the chair and made my way for the living room. Limping, I felt Kid slide a hand on my waist and guide me along.

"Akemi, I've got some rather saddening news." He spoke, helping me sit down on the couch, taking his place next to me.

     My heart sunk instantly. This could mean anything. My eyes clicked to grey and I peered into his golden eyes. The eyes that were so wrought with distress and betrayal in my nightmare. Kid pursed his lips, looking at his lap.

"My father has left me in charge at the DWMA today. He, Stein, and Spirit have important business that must be dealt with in a series of meetings leading into tonight. I won't be home until later." Kid was utterly upset at this, and to be honest so was I.

"W-Will I be here alone...?" I asked, my voice stuttering.

"Liz and Patty need to be with me at all times. Despite that, no. You will not be alone. I've taken measures to excuse Asmund to look over you until I get home tonight. And yes, he will be returning you home. I'll pick you up there." Kid got up, walking back into the kitchen.

     I stretched out on his couch, lost in thought once more. I came up with an idea for this evening. It should work. I thought to myself. I mean...what could go wrong? Kid came over and offered me his hand up. He walked me over to my wheelchair, where I lowered myself into the seat. Kid left to enter his room again, and returned moments later in his suit. 

"Liz, Patty, let us be on our way. Transform once we're outside, and I'll summon my skateboard to get us to the Academy faster. Akemi, Asmund will be arriving for you shortly. I love you, Akemi." He placed a soft kiss on my forehead and exited with his two weapons.

     I watched out one of the massive front windows through a break in the curtains as Kid flew off on his skateboard, Liz and Patty as twin pistols in hand. I looked around at the emptiness that I was once more surrounded with. Wow, this sure feels familiar. Almost like it was only yesterday...


The End

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