Chapter Five: You Call This Recovery?

"Alright, Kid, Akemi is all checked out. Her medicine is in the medical bag on the back of her wheelchair, as with the instructions. Got it?" Stein situated his glasses.
"Please, Professor. A wheelchair is not needed. I'll carry her to my manor, of course." Kid snapped his fingers, putting on a smooth smile.

     I swear, Kid was using this as an excuse to buff up his ego and show off to everyone. I turned the wheelchair best I could with one hand, giving Kid the most what the hell are you thinking stare I could muster. Once Kid and Stein finished talking, and I insisted he wheel me out, we left. The halls of DWMA were somewhat crowded. It must've been still early in the morning for this many people to be roaming the halls.

"Kid, where's Asmund?" I finally spoke up, my body aching with every breath.

"He should be at the mission board. That's where I told Liz and Patty to meet me as well." He spoke, continuously pushing me down the halls.

     We made it to the mission board, and sure enough, Asmund, Liz, Patty, Soul, Maka, BlackStar, and Tsubaki were there. The whole gang. I waved with the free hand I had, and Maka suggested we go outside where we could all hear better. Asmund also insisted on pushing me, which irked Kid a little bit.

     We reached the front of the Academy, which was completely cleared of people. Asmund left me in the shade as everyone gathered around me and sat upon the ground. BlackStar and Soul were arguing about who knows what, which caused them to go rampaging around the school's entrance. Tsubaki sighed, then turned to me.

"So, Akemi, how are you? I didn't hear the full extent of what happened." Tsubaki's voice was soothing, just like gazing upon her namesake flower.

"U-uhm," my voice studdered. "Asmund and I were in a lesson, when the power of Witch Hunter was too much for us to hold after a while, and I launched it in the direction of a small building. The debris came after me." I could see the worry in her eyes as she brought a hand to her mouth.

"Yeah, and you gave me a pretty gnarly bruise." I heard Asmund say, his voice was gruff.

     He pulled up his polo shirt to reveal a boot sized bruise on his right side. Folding his shirt back down, I shot, or tried to, a glare at him.

"You're lucky I wasn't wearing my heels, you idiot." I spat at Asmund. Everyone laughed, and we (and by we I mean mostly them) continued talking.

     Maka and I talked about scythe wielding for a short while, but that's before my body started hurting beyond belief, and I asked Kid to take me home. He dug his hands under my body, one behind my back and one under my thighs. I yelped, and demanded he tell me what the hell he was doing.

"Do you really think You're getting down those stairs in a wheelchair, Akemi?" His voice sarcastic, I gave in at the half smile and cocked eyebrow.

"B-But, Akemi...what am I supposed to do?" Asmund gave me this pouty look, his gruff tone replaced by a whiny one.

"Could you perhaps...carry my wheelchair to Kid's manor?" I asked, not loosening my grip on my boyfriend.

"Sure, I guess...anything for my Meister." Shoulders slouched, Asmund trudged over to my wheelchair, folded it up, and began carrying it.

     I felt my eyes click to a hue of blue, representing sadness. Kid leaned back, balancing me on his chest and throwing one hand out to his side. Black waves and small skulls like the one on his suit came forth out his hand, and soon a skateboard was formed. I was familiar with this skateboard of his, so I wasn't afraid. Him and I flew off, but I looked down to see Asmund only halfway down the steps, as Kid and I made our way for his manor.

-Time Skip-

     Kid walked me through his manor, only to return me to his gigantic living room. I say room, it alone was like a small house. Setting me down gently, he made sure to arrange the pillows in a comfy yet symmetrical pattern. I looked around to find everything perfectly aligned, hell even the wax dripping from the candles were exactly alike. Kid took notice of me gazing and quickly went into super pride mode.

"All of this I arrange myself and check regularly to make sure nothing is ever out of place." Kid put his hands on his hips and stared at me.

"Your quirks are my favorite thing." I chuckled, wishing I could lay on my side.

"A-are you hungry? I'm sure Liz or Patty wouldn't mind whipping something up." Kid asked hurriedly, forgetting his duties to help me recover.

     Just as Kid had uttered those words, Patty burst through the hallway laughing and giggling while Liz chased after her in annoyance. Kid stopped them both and explained the situation. Patty happily agreed while Liz just kind of nodded.

 "Akemi, darling, I'm going to go change. Need anything while I'm up?" Kid called from the massive hallway.

"Just a blanket, please!" I responded.

     I plopped my head back down on the pillow and sighed heavily. Luckily, all of this trauma I had been through didn't break my soul protect. I thought to myself. What if, when our souls linked, Asmund felt it...I gasped to myself, my eyes clicking to a hue of yellow, meaning panic. I was so lost in thought I didn't realize Kid had re entered the room.

"I brought your blanket, Akemi. Are you feeling alright? Your eyes aren't their normal orange." He threw the blanket out on my broken body and laid on top of it next to me on the edge of the couch.

"Y-yeah, I'm just worried about my recovery. How long do you think it will take?" I laid my head on his chest.

"Well, you took some pretty serious damage. I'm surprised yours and Asmund's wavelengths are still compatible. Stein said he noticed something off about yours, which is concerning." Kid wrapped an arm around me, flipping on the television for background noise.

     We both lay there, watching the television without putting any mind to it. The sounds of rattling in the kitchen and the occasional outburst of laughter from Patty was all that brought light into this moment. It was peaceful, though, and I enjoyed it. Just as my eyes began to flutter, the doorbell rang.

"I've got it! Let me get it, Liz!" Patty chimed in, racing for the two large doors.

"I guess I'd better accompany her. Be right back, Akemi." Kid sighed, pushing himself off the couch. My body slumped into the now empty space, and I winced.

"Ah, Asmund! You've finally arrived." I heard Kid call, and I forced myself in an upright position.

     Kid and Patty moved aside to let Asmund enter, who set down my wheelchair and unfolded it. I waved, but all he seemed to do was cast me barely a glance. Him and Kid moved closer to the couch, and Patty resumed her kitchen duties. They were talking about my medicine, and anything Professor Stein had shared with one but not the other. In my moment of sitting there awkwardly, I took a good look at what Kid had changed in to.

     He wore a plain white button down shirt, with the sleeves folded crisply at the elbows. and black pajama pants with tiny white skulls, like the one on his suit. As he turned to walk back towards me, I noticed the first three buttons were undone, and I caught a glimpse at part of his chest. We'd been together a while, yeah, but damn. My eyes clicked to a shade of bright pink and I felt my face heat up. The first to notice was Asmund.

"Hey, Kid." Asmund spoke, trying to contain laughter.

"I sense you find something amusing. What is it, Asmund?" Kid replied, turning back to face him.

"I think that outfit is a little uh...triggering." Asmund finally managed, letting forth a howl.

     It did take Kid a moment, as almost any romantic material to him was foreign. He looked at me to find my bright pink eyes and strawberry red face. Then glanced down at his outfit. Back at me, then the outfit. And finally, back to Asmund.

"Y-You're...saying..." Kid stuttered, his face now turning red.

"Dude, I may not have known Akemi for long, but you've set her off! Anywho, I've gotta go now. Ciao, Akemi." Asmund turned around, waving.

     I grabbed a pillow which caused Kid to freak out and grab another to replace the one I'd moved. I screamed into the cotton surface, and I felt a hand on my back. I glanced up to see Kid standing over me, with ANOTHER button undone. I slammed my face back into the pillow, forgetting I had my neck brace on, and started crying. My eyes clicked to a grey, and all I could do was think to myself... Is this what recovery will be like?

The End

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