Chapter Four: The Renegade

     I stopped about a mile out of the city, re-activating my Soul Protect and de-summoning my wings. Throwing my hood back on, I walked through the golden barrier bubble that surrounded death city. I rounded a corner to find Asmund, without his trench coat, breathing heavily and looking around frantically. Once he caught sight of me, he ran over and embraced me in a huge hug.

"Akemi! Oh my god, I was afraid I had lost you. Everyone has been looking all over. You have Kid worried sick." My heart dropped as he said those last words. 

"Kid...oh no...I need to see him. Asmund, where is he now?" I pulled myself away, still looking into his eyes from his embrace.

"There's no time. I told everyone once, no if, I found you, we'd go straight to Professor Stein for our lesson. Akemi, this is important." Sweat was prominent on the navy shirt he was wearing. Asmund took my arm and we began running towards the meeting location for Stein.

    We reached the meeting point, a cleared area in the woods near the edge of Death City. Sure enough, Professor Stein was there, cigarette smoke rising ever so lightly in the air. He turned around, revealing another body who had been standing in front of him. Kid. Once he had spotted me, he ran over as fast as his lanky legs could carry him.

"Oh, Akemi! My symmetrical princess! Are you alright? You ran off so quickly..." He wrapped me in a warm hug, and I returned the favor.

"I'm sorry, love. I needed some air. I'm fine now." My burnt orange hues locked with his golden ones.   

"Well, you guys better get started with your lesson, then. I'll see you guys tomorrow at school," Kid smiled warmly at me. "farewell, Akemi. Later, Asmund."

"See ya around, Kid." Asmund waved, still trying to catch his breath.

     I let Asmund lean on me as I helped him walk over to Professor Stein. The silvery-haired man stood there, popping the cigarette out of his mouth and stomping it out into the earth. He spoke monotonously.

"Alright. we are going to be practicing the perfection of your guys' Soul Resonance. This lesson will test your ability to hold the power of Witch Hunter, the first skill of the Scythe Meister you will be instructed in." Stein turned the screw in his head, the eerie clicking noises filling the dead air.

     I let go of Asmund, his body swaying but standing up. My eyes widened, and I felt them click. Not in a sense of pain, I mean they changed colour. Whenever I felt a strong emotion towards someone, something, or a situation. Asmund walked over to me, easily gripping my arm with his hand.

"Akemi, your eyes...they're violet, like your hair but brighter. I thought they were orange? What's going on?" He seemed genuinely concerned, so I had no problem in telling him the truth.

"My eyes...they change, depending on how strong I'm feeling towards something. Bright violet...bright violet means stress." I looked down, my voice shaky and tears forming in my eyes.

"W-well, don't worry! We're going to make a lethal team and kick some Kishin guys asses! So make those bubbly orbs I got to know a happy colour and let's get on with this!" Asmund put forth a broad smile, using the other hand to give a big thumbs up.

"Y-yeah. You're right. Let's go do this, Asmund." I brought up my sleeve to wipe my face, and we both walked over to Professor Stein who had been patiently waiting.

     We stood a good distance from Stein, keeping in mind not to kill him. Asmund stood in front of me, tossing out both of his arms and letting his body once again be engulfed in the white light. His scythe form was launched into the air, spinning rapidly downwards. Catching his hilt in my palms, the decision to not wear gloves was coming back to bite me. His face appeared on the slick obsidian black and blue blade. Nodding at each other, we both closed our eyes.

"Let's go, Soul Resonance!" We cried out, opening our eyes with a look of aggression. 

     Wind began to whip around our bodies in a violent fashion, causing leaves to rattle themselves from the nearby trees. The energy grew larger as our souls shot back and forth amplified wavelengths.

"The legendary super skill of the Scythe Meister," Asmund yelled out to me.

"Witch Hunter!" I finished his sentence, bringing his blade above my head with force.

     Asmund's blade tripled in size, curving into an almost half-circle, with harsh points on the ends. The blade gave off a pulsating intense shine of purple and blue. The wind stopped, but the energy instead came off the scythe in what looked like flames. I stared at Professor Stein, whose coat was flapping slightly from the commotion, and his silver hair reflected harshly from the glare. He smiled, thought.

"Akemi!" Asmund's face appeared on the blade. "I can't hold this attack for much longer, we need to release it somehow! It's getting to be too much!" He began to scream again, blood trickling from his forehead onto the bare skin of his collarbone.

"B-Bu-But Witch Hunter...If it hits me I'll die! I wont just be seriously injured, I'll die! It's designed to take out a witch!" My eyes clicked again, signaling a colour change. I panned the area frantically, looking for a safe place to send the attack barreling.

     My eyes stopped in the direction of a small building that hopefully didn't have an important purpose. I raised Asmund further in the air, launching the wave of raw power that had been coursing through the both of us. Witch Hunter collided with the building, sending stone, wood splinters, and glass shrapnel everywhere. Asmund transformed back into human form, hunched over on his hands and knees, coughing up blood.

     I looked back up from my fallen Weapon to find debris flying straight at me. I kicked Asmund out of the way in time to be hit directly in the face. Falling to the cool forest floor, My last sight was Asmund raising his head up from the tree trunk he landed on, and Professor Stein rushing to my side.

   ~Time Skip~

Akemi. Akemi, come back to me I'll be the mother she never was to you. Come on now, darling. Won't you make a good addition back in our family? Crona misses you. I miss you. Come back to Mommy Medusa, please?

    I snapped to attention. Gah. What was that nightmare? What happened to me? Once my eyes focused better, I noticed I was in the infirmary at the DWMA. I felt an IV in my arm, which made my skin crawl. I couldn't move my legs, and my face was scrunched up. I tried talking, but all that came out was grumbles.

"Oh, it appears you're awake. How do you feel, Miss Akemi?" Stein sounded surprised as he walked behind the curtain to my bedside.

"I-I-I'm fine." I choked, coming to realization I had a brace around my neck. "What the hell happened?" I asked.

"You were injured during your lesson with me yesterday. You have several injuries, none life threatening. Those include; displaced vertebrae in your neck, concussion 2nd degree, broken left arm, torn ligaments in both your legs, and finally-" Stein was flipping through the papers when the door was kicked in.

"Professor Stein! Is Akemi okay?!" I recognized that voice anywhere. It was Kid, and he seemed quite panicked.

     Kid ran over to me, pushing Stein to the side and grabbing my right hand. He looked at me with worry drowning his golden eyes. Below them, his skin was puffy. Indicating there had been some emotion show previously. Seeing him like this made my heart hurt, so I tried my best to reassure him.

"Oh, Kid. My symmetrical love. I'll be fine. Asmund will take perfect care of me at my lo-"

"AND THAT'S ANOTHER THING." Kid interrupted me. Rather rudely, I should say.

"You will be staying with me until your situation improves." He let go of my hand, placing his on his chest in a triumphant act.


The End

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