Chapter Two: The Fire Inside

     The boy I spotted was looking down at the stone ground with one leg folded over the other, his navy hair blowing gently against the wind. I dipped my head below his face so he could see me, letting my violet hair dip down lower. He looked up, and I stood directly in front of him.

"Hi! I'm Akemi Ayumu. I'm a Meister who's new to the DWMA." I spoke calmly, so I would have less of a chance to scare him off.

"A-Asmund. Asmund Calder. I'm a Weapon. A s-scythe, to be exact." Asmund. I like that name. Kid walked up and was at my side now.

"Kid, this is Asmund Calder. He's a scythe. What do you think?" I asked, wrapping both hands around one of Kid's arms.

     Kid eyed Asmund up and down several times, bringing him out from the wall and walking around his lanky frame. Kid came back to me, glanced at my burnt orange eyes, back at Asmund, and once again to me.

"I like his symmetrical build. His hair falls perfectly, and his eyes are the same size. I approve. Now, I'll be going to Stein's class and then heading to the Death Room. Stop by there soon, alright Akemi?" I nodded at Kid and he headed off inside the DWMA.

"So...Asmund. How long have you been enrolled here?" I asked curiously, propping myself against the wall next to him.

"Just this year. I didn't have a Meister last year, so I just learned the basics without all the missions the others had." Asmund had a rocky but soft voice, that complimented his features.

    We talked for a while, and then we headed to the Death Room to meet Kid and Lord Death. We passed Tsubaki and Black Star along the way, and Tsubaki gave me a smile of approval that I was walking with a Weapon. Asmund walked with a sort of relaxed gait, letting his hair bounce against his pale face. I hadn't paid much attention to his attire, but he wore a long coat adorned with dark grey fur around the hood and sleeve openings. he also had two red pouches strapped to either side of his coat on the front breasts, and husky grey wide crosses on the left sleeve. 

     We made it to the Death Room, and sure enough Kid was there with Lord Death. I gave Kid a hug, and then turned to Lord Death, presenting Asmund.

"Lord Death, sir, this is the weapon I have chosen. His name is Asmund Calder, I'm not sure what kind of weap-"

"Scythe. I'm a scythe." Asmund interrupted me, he seemed uncomfortable to be here.

"Ohhh! You've picked yourself a daring one, Akemi. We've only got one other Scythe-Meister in this Academy, and that's Maka. You two could surely work together. That is, if Asmund's soul is compatible with yours."

"Oh...yeah...I forgot about that." I sighed, looking down.

     Lord Death explained I'd have to attempt to wield Asmund in his weapon form and allow our soul wavelengths to synchronize. I turned to Asmund, seeing he was quite nervous.

"W-well...let's give it a shot." Asmund said, throwing out both arms and having his body be engulfed in a bright white light.

     I thought to myself, what if my Soul Protect was reversed and turned off because I was trying to wield a weapon, not of witch making? I thought hard of a quick minor spell to whisper to myself, one small enough it wouldn't hurt my Soul Protect. I reached out, catching the hilt of Asmund in my hands. The cool metal a relief to my sweaty palms.

"Well? Akemi, how do you feel?" Kid asked me with his hands in his pockets.

"Lord Death..." I staggered, my breathing rampant, "Our souls are linked. I can feel it." 

"Ahhh, a powerful scythe he is. Kid, can you feel it?" Lord Death looked over at his son, who was eyeing me with a dead expression.

"Yes. They both have very strong souls. I can feel it." Kid stood next to me as Asmund spoke from inside the scythe.

"Hey, I'm not quite used to this yet. Mind letting me out?" Asmund transformed back into a human, and him, Kid, and I left for Professor Stein's classroom.

     I had this aching pain in the back of my head. A thought, rather, that was eating away at my sanity. Your Soul Protect has been on too long. You need to get out of this city for a while. Stop hiding who you are, Akemi. It will only harm you. I shook my head, which grabbed the attention of Kid.

"Akemi, are you alright? Will you be able to sit through class today?" Kid stopped, putting his hands on my shoulders.

"Y-yeah, I'm fine. Let's go." I reassured him, and we kept walking.

     We all three walked into the room for Class Crescent Moon, climbed up a few steps, and entered our place amongst the students. I folded my arms on the table and laid my head down, sighing. My quest had only just begun.    

The End

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