Demon of the Daleks - Part Two (b)

Scarlett had managed to sneak into a standing position. She was alone in the chamber, subjugated by the oppressive light. She had taken her glasses off and began to experiment with the light, trying to redirect it away from her but was having limited success.

The lead Dalek entered the room silently. She watched it ignore her as it approached a bank of machines. It worked quickly and carefully for a few minutes before looking over at her. "You are not afraid of me." It chanted loudly.

"I've seen Daleks before. I've seen things much worse than you." She placed her glasses on top of her head and smiled at it. "I've seen the Doctor destroy you. You aren't a threat."

It approached her slowly, aiming its gun at her. The air was full of a silent menace. It stopped inches away from her. "You are a human. You perish simply." The gun lowered and fired, hitting her ankle. She faltered, falling to her knees. "I could exterminate you. But you still have value."

Scarlett clutched her ankle in pain. "You aren't just a Dalek, are you?"

"I am something to be afraid of." It intoned. The Dalek advanced, trying to scare her. Her glasses caught the light and bounced off, hitting the Dalek. It was still, unmoving.

She laughed. "But now you're stuck there." It tried to shoot her again, but the bolt of deadly power died away at the edge of the light. "I'll let you go. But I'm not going to let you get me. Ciao!"

Scarlett dived out of the light, picking herself up quickly and running across the chamber. She threw herself at the door, narrowly avoiding Dalek fire. The door closed, but she kept running.


"How do we know when it's near?"

"It attacks." Buttons offered no sympathy as it manoeuvred the graves. The Doctor held his screwdriver out, carefully scanning as they progressed.

"Speed is of the essence. Are you going to tell me why this thing is here? Or why you're here? Or do I not want to know?" The Doctor's voice was critical and preparing to get angry. But as he carried on, past yet another dying tree, he realised Buttons had stopped.

It was looking into the distance, right at the light atop the TARDIS. The Doctor scratched his forehead and followed the Dalek's line of sight. He pretended not to see anything, gesturing excessively as he looked.

But then he realised that Buttons wasn't looking at his ship - it was listening to an electrical whir that was fast approaching.

"What are you waiting for? Fire!" The Doctor yelled, desperately trying to locate the creature. Within seconds, the noise was on top of them and for the first time, he saw what they were looking for.

It was giant, a mutant figure towering above them both with large claws and one eye in the middle of its chest. Wires were faintly visible under its skin, as well as strange spherical objects the Doctor thought could be organs. Buttons fired on the creature but it had no effect - the creature had some sort of armour resistant to Dalek weaponry.

The claw came crashing down, ripping through Buttons easily. The Dalek exploded into thousands of sparks and screams of pain. The Doctor backed away, hoping the planet would swallow him out of the reach of this monstrous being. He panicked as he watched the creature reach out to him, raising its claw, ready to strike.

The End

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