The Demon - Part One (b)

The Doctor refused to stop, rushing away from the oncoming sound. His legs carried him as quickly as they could, slaloming around graves and the decaying flora. He watched what was in front of him, reluctant to chance another glance behind him. But the noise was getting further away, he had escaped it. So he slowed down and turned.

The air was silent around him. He looked with wild eyes, afraid by the creature he couldn't see. He knew he was the prey to a superior predator, a being that could outrun him if it wanted to. He could just about see the light on top of his ship in the distance, a ray of hope quite far out of reach.

"Okay, so we both know you're out there. How about we talk, humanoid to terrifying invisible... thing?" His voice echoed across the surface of the planet. "I don't mean you any harm. If you just let me get back to that blue box, I'll be out of your hair. Assuming you have hair..."

But then the electric whir was right beside the Doctor.

"I didn't mean to insult you..."

The creature reached out and touched the Doctor's shoulder, sending shivers of aching cold through his body. He stepped away, and fell into the ground.


At first, he thought it was a grave - he didn't like the irony of that. But when he kept falling, he realised it must be some sort of chute.

He landed crudely, brushing the dust from his trousers and picking himself up carefully. He had arrived in a spaceship of some description, rather large, rather familiar and totally underground. A hum filled the air, a hum the Doctor knew all too well. His hearts fluttered with concern. The door ahead of him opened and he made his way into a larger chamber.

It was cast in total darkness until a spotlight started to follow the Doctor. He danced around the room, trying to evade it. He jumped back and forth but he couldn't second guess the light and avoid it. "Enough of these silly games, let's get down to business." His voice took on a serious note and lingered in the air.

Atop a podium on the far side of the room was a woman. Suddenly lit up, she surveyed the Doctor as he did the same to her. Her mouth opened, as if she was speaking, but he couldn't hear her.  She was in her mid-twenties, sporting a summer dress and large stylish glasses.

A door on the side of the room opened and a Dalek glided in. The eyestalk stared the Doctor down, stealing all of his confidence in one look - this was not just another Dalek soldier, there was something about this one that stilled the Doctor's hearts.

"You are the Doctor." It bellowed in a monotone chant.

"I am." He replied. "What do you want with me?"

"We require your assistance." It moved towards the woman, pressing its sucker against a control on the podium.

"You think I'll help the Daleks." He snorted. "No."

The Dalek faced him. "You will assist us, or your companion will be exterminated."

"Huh?" The Doctor was puzzled. He looked again at the woman - she was staring at him, a look of dismay over her face. "Oh! Her?"

"You will assist us, Doctor, or she will be exterminated."

"She isn't my companion!" He yelled.

"He isn't my Doctor!" She replied.

The Dalek was joined by two others. They circled the Doctor threateningly. "If this female is not known to you, then she is to be killed."

"Now hang on." The first Dalek approached the Doctor. "You can't kill her."

As it looked at him, he was convinced it was smiling knowingly; he had walked into their trap.

The Doctor frowned. "Let's not throw threats around all day. I know you'll kill this innocent girl if I don't help so, tell me what you want done. Today, and only today, I am your servant."

The End

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