A Passion of the Heart and a Living of the Life

this is simply about a young girl doing her best to obey this powerful man who is controller over all things. He has an overflow full of blessings waiting for her and PAtience and Obedience is the only way to get it......She speaks about the things that happened and is going to happen but after that...She's still being Obedient and Patient

Patience was her worst enemy until the presence of A powerFul Man entered her spirit.

He made promises to her but the Only way she would receive all the things this powerFul Man had for her was for her to develop Patience!

She hesitated and was tempted to turn back to the Sinful world instantly.

She cried many nights pain and heartache that was built up for so long.

The powerFul Man had punished her for her Sins and she knew that all the punishing was from him.

She was so badly hurt one day knealed down to the floor on her face begging the powerFul Man to take her pain away.

She apologized for all the things she'd done wrong and vowed never to do it again.

Things started to look bright for her but once again she had to fight.

In life nothing came easy and she knew that the powerFul Man had to see her fight for the things she wanted.

There was n evil spirit in her home and she constantly had to cry out and pray to the powerFul MAN that this spirit let her alone because she couldn't sleep many nights.

The Spiritual battle ended after about 2full weeks of fighting in the spirit and praying and crying and crying and praying.

Through it all even though she didnt like patience she had to be friends with it immediately because that was the only way the powerFul Man would bless her.

Many people judged the position she was in, not having money, not having a car, and was just overall being treated unfairly.

Once, her and patience was bestfriends the days and struggles became easy for her. She waited patienly on the powerFul Man and wanted him to see her Faithfulness.

After so mnay months leading into a new year she waited and waited and waited some more. She fell in love with the powerFul Man spiritually and wants her husband to love her unconditionally just like he do.

If no man loves her like the powerFul Man does she don't want him. She  vowed to the powerFul man that she would wait until marriage to have sex again just to prove her Faith also.

The day finally came and the moment was here....The powerFul Man blessed the young LAdy for her Obedience and her FAith! She received all the things she wanted and needed and Continued to remain faithful that she never saw another struggle a day in her life...Peace, Hope, Faith, and Glory was her new bestfriends and she Got married and Conceived 4 wonderful Smart, Intelligent and Trustworthy children and lived Happily ever after until the day The powerFul Man called her home to be with him.

The Life of a Young Girl who's currently Still waiting on the powerFul Man striving so badly to show him how Faithful she is to his Word.

....I hope he knows my Heart and Understand that i want the Overflow and not just the sprinkle.....No one else like you!

The End

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