A little sugar, the very next day

All that day, Robin fluttered back and forth from task to task at the coffee shop.  She was on top of the world.  her business was booming, her love life was looking up for the first time in forever, and she had a glow in her heart others could even see.

Phoebe had opened that morning and couldn't help but laugh at how light-footed Robin was.  The owner of the Robin's Egg was positively glowing, and for once, Phoebe was almost speechless. Usually, Robin was all business, dour, even cold.

"Well, Somebody got laid."  she said, with a smirk.

Robin giggled, then lifted a hand to her lips.  "Is it that obvious?"

Phoebe shrugged.  "No.  I hardly noticed, what with the dancing around and singing to yourself.  You're not usually a morning person.   So... What's he like?"

Robin put the sugar-shaker down and stared.  "He's tall and cute and--"

"No, let me guess,"  Phoebe held a hand up.  "He's six feet tall, has black hair to his shoulders and a thin face with deep, dark eyes."

Robin's eyes grew wide.

Phoebe laughed.  "He was in here all last week and you couldn't stop staring."  When Robin didn't respond, Phoebe came and put her arm around Robin.  "Oh, come on.  You think we didn't notice?  You practically threw yourself on him as soon as you were out the door."

"Do...  Do you think I was too forward?"

"Oh, please!"  Phoebe laughed again.  "You're asking me?  You know my reputation.  If you listen to Jonah, I practically pounced on him.  Who am I to tell you to be modest?"

The End

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