It was a very beautiful evening for what would be a very uncomfortable meal. A large enclosed room sets the scene, complete with a podium at the head and various tables and chairs surrounding with just enough room to classify the left over area as a dance floor which held several instruments in the furthest corner. A young woman stands at the foot of the podium watching her political father drone on and one about his various views on topics. Growing up as the daughter of an Ambassador, Joanna had learnt that her life meant to be a parade of parties complete with alcoholic bullshit, cheap cigars and enough gossip that it could probably overflow the largest of canyons.

Since a young age, she observed as her father and his single-minded cronies slurred speeches across the dinner table about if they ruled the world, they would change it for the better. The term, she always found interesting was “better”. She never entirely understood the definition of the word because every time she seemed to catch the purpose, some mustache-wearing, whiskey-drinking tubby spun her world right around. Honestly, if her education had taught her anything, in the last one hundred years, the views may have changed but the politics remained the same.

Tonight’s discussion focused mainly around the upcoming vote which would determine the future for every single homosexual living in the country. The topic in question, depressed her. Why should one group be forced from this land if they decide to love differently than the status quo? However, since her father was chairman of the party which lead the assault on the “same love activists”, she couldn't exactly say her mind – which begs the question, why she actually came tonight even though she usually deflected from such events. The answer was simple, this vote would decide the election for the next Governor for State and since her father wished to run, this vote must go in his personal favour. That was the only reason; she stood wearing a plaited skirt and woollen jumper cheering for the man on stage.

As her father’s speech comes to an end, she claps supportively hearing her father shout his punch line. The punch line in question was simply “If I had things my way, I would personally gather every gay motherfucker on this entire planet and shoot them dead!” Although, generally swearing was frowned upon in political office, the term appeared to excite the crowds. Her father bows proudly before waving to the crowd, signalling the closing of the formal assembly. Joanna watches as her clean shaven, grey-haired father walks towards her. She smiles as he thrusts his arms around her and spins her around.

Giggling, she walks over and talks to the Mayor’s granddaughter, Skyler. They had been best friends for as long as she could remember and the only person, she would willingly walk through the flames of hell for. “So that was interesting” she chirps to the blonde haired goddess. They smile together watching their father’s compare each other on how amazing the other one was. Seriously, what was with males and always needing to build up each other’s egos?

As a few minutes past before Skyler mutters softly to the ambassador’s daughter “So am I seeing you tonight?” Joanna nods before replying that she had a surprise for her. “Oooh, you know how I like surprises” Skyler whispers, winking casually to her companion. For the last two and a half years, every time the other was in the same room, they would plan a slumber party. Of course their parents would agree – Their friendships is what held their alliance together. “Oh and I have got a bottle of wine, 1993, your favourite!” Skyler says waiting for the girl’s reaction. Her reaction as expected was a small hoot followed by a jump in the air with a bear hug at the end.

Mayor Harkins, Skyler’s grandfather walks over and pleasantly greats Joanna who responds formally. She had known the Mayor for years, ever since he returned from the “war”. “Maria, honey, I have a sore back, If you and Joanna don’t mind, could you escort me to the study” Harkins groans, expecting her granddaughter to faithfully accept. The girls walk the Mayor slowly over to the study before returning to the party.

If you asked any of the political guests about what Joanna’s views were on The Vote, most of them would respond with that If she was given the chance, she would probably round them up herself and boot them out one by one. This was usually followed by a commented that she was so much like her father and they hoped she would one day take his position with pride. Joanna never responded to any of these comments, always keeping to herself. Only her mother knew some of the truth. Her daughter hated politics, she thought it was a waste of time and didn't show any action. But what her mother didn't know is that when it came down to the vote, she would vote against her father. Three years ago, on her sixteenth moment, a game of six minutes in heaven with Skyler in the cupboard changed her perspective forever but sadly, opening the cupboard would never be an option for one such as them, daughters and granddaughters who held such prestigious positions.

The End

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