Sky blue walls, a rocking chair in the corner and an ancient computer – everything a growing, young boy would need in a very beautiful room. The atmosphere recognises a mother’s love where it most needed. Sadly, it had been a long time since that feeling had been felt. Instead the smashing of a glass and thunderous stampede of footsteps rumbles from the exterior of the room. As the footsteps creak outside the door, a young blonde boy dives for the corner between his bed and his bedside table, curling himself into the fetal position. For as long as he could remember, this room was his sanctuary, an escape from the monsters – not the monsters under the bed or in the cupboard but the one to this day forcefully recognized by law as his father.

Howls are heard from the hallway, curse words, threats, grunts and groans all heard from the monster whose thunderous footsteps grow ever so close to the threshold. The boy closes his eyes and covers his ears as the beast attempts to gain access to his room. A few rare tears escape and rush down his face as he whimpers, scared for his own life. The doorhandle rattles as his father screams again “Charlie! Open this door right now!” The boy whispers the only world he could never his father, the one word he had been scared to say since his mother walked out- the word in question ‘no’. He could never say it to his father, never deny him – it would only make matters worse. The monster screams again “Charlie! This is your last chance, open the door or so help me god, you’ll wish you were never born!”

The rattling becomes louder and louder. Charlie who is unable to stop himself screeches at the top of his lungs “Go away! Don’t you dare come in here! I don’t want you in here!” The door begins vibrating uncontrollably. He begins shaking as beasts slurs become more unbearable “Do not dare take that filthy tone with me! I am your father not some piece of trash from the SIX…O’CLOCK…NEWS!” With a final slam, the door breaks from hinges and crashes to the floor making excruciating sound. Pieces of door fly everywhere as Charlie forces his eyes open to see a monstrous shadow stumbling towards him. Panicking, he covers his face only to feel hot red goo pasted all over his cheek. Pulling his hand away, he recognises the paste – blood.

Coughing and feeling feint, Charlie blinks twice before looking toward the shadow. As the beast steps into the moonlight, the monster’s true form is revealed. He smells the alcoholic stench as the man bends over, his eyes bloodshot and dribble falls from his sunset orange beard. Crying, he quietly begs for mercy before silently praying to the Gods to rid him of his daemons. He notices a smoking cigarette in his hands as his father bends over and grasps him around his neck.

Charlie couldn't breathe. Punching and kicking the beast appears to make no effect as his ripped denim jeans and long chequered shirt take all the damage. He grasps at his father’s hands attempting to free himself from his suffocating grasp. He was going to die. Suddenly, the boy felt a singing pain burn into his shoulder. Charlie screams at the top of his lunges as he thrusts his head forward into his father’s temple. The monster reacts horribly, dropping the blonde boy on the corner of his desk. Charlie feels a searing pain down his back as the man stumbles around attempting to collect his self.

Noticing his chance, Charlie grabs his emergency backpack and pillow. Struggling to stand, he limps past the monster and down the hall. He feels the blood pour down his back and face. As he reaches the front door, he grabs his dad’s revolver. Looking back one more time, he charges out the door only to hear the monster scream “You are pathetic! No wonder your mother left us! She was probably disgusted by the sight of you!” He stops for a moment as the words burn deep into his soul. Grasping the weapon, he considers walking back inside for a moment only to be stopped by the beast’s statement “I am sorry, Charlie, I am so sorry. Please, come back inside. I didn't mean to hurt you.”

Turning away, he closes his eyes and thinks to himself knowing in his heart that he wasn't pathetic, he wasn't weak. He silently promises himself that one day, he will be strong enough to beat his daemons. Walking down the garden path, he faintly hears his father screech “You abomination! You devil child! You are not my child! Never return!”

The End

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