As the moon awakens from its restless slumber, a cool breeze enters from the east. The owls begin to hoot as the roosters take to their nests. A lone teenager dressed in black flannelette pyjamas leans over a magnificent marble balcony staring deep into the illuminated sky above. As the green-eyed boy watches the stars twinkle joyfully, he sighs breathlessly to himself muttering in a soft tone “Oh Gods. What may tomorrow bring for one such as I? My mind remains ever so restless, clouded by judgment yet to come…”

The young man subtly turns his head as quiet footsteps are heard trudging towards him. As the soft thudding grows into a careful march, a suited individual appears from the west hallway. Pale green eyes and snow grey-white hair develop the man’s appearance as he bows his head deeply before formally addressing the boy “Master Fell, your chambers have been prepared for your rest, as per your instructions.”

The boy silently smiles recognizing the usual evening tune. The butler was persistent, loyal and repetitive, all the things he liked in a human. “Thank you, Mister Coal. Your services are no longer necessary or required. You may rest; we shall speak more at first light.”

As the butler bows deeply and begins walking away, the boy returns to his thoughts. He sighs; staring at the constellations in the sky then whispers ““What will tomorrow bring? For this beautiful evening marks the end of an adventure and the beginning of another. May future endeavours be as fruitful for me as past memories appear?” He momentarily closes 

The End

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