A Novel: Evie Atkins (Work in progress!)

Evie Atkins had a rough past. After depression hit her mother and split up her family, she moved to Dolan Springs with relatives she hadn't seen in years. Evie never stood out much, but what happens in Dolan Springs made her into someone completely new...

I was laying on the ancient trundle bed, thinking about the way things used to be, and hopefully the way they’d soon be again on the night of the incident. At 11:11 I made a wish, never to be fulfilled. Such things I knew to be foolishness, but the little girl in me ever so wanted to come out on that fateful night. Twirling the phone cord in my hand and moving my toes in time to the music, I was waiting for something magical. Waiting for the call that would fix everything. The phone rang, and the voice on the other end killed me.

The End

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