Call 911

        You know this could only get worse, so you decide to call 911. You look around the room and eye up the phone. The phone is only a few feet away, on your kitchen counter. You try to grab it. Your arm reaches only a few inches before falling back into it's limp, lifeless position. You think to yourself, this isn't good. You only have to take a few steps to reach the counter, so you give it a shot. Straining, you find a way to stand. Slowly, you move your left leg forward, then your legs give out. You think, oh crap, as you collapse on the ground.

      As you fall, your chin catches the cord on the phone. Your neck snaps back, paralyzing you. Well, it's not like I could move anyway. And it can't get any worse, you think to yourself. Only, it can get worse, the cord snaps from the reciever because of the strain of holding your head. Your head slams against the linoleum flooring. The cord whips against a knife holder that wobbles at the edge of the counter. No, no this wasn't supposed to happen. But it did happen. The knives fell out of the holder and one by one snab you to death.

You dead, fool! Try again?

The End

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