The People Working at Starbucks

        You pull the car up to Starbucks. You signal the Golden Girls to follow you. Slowly you all walk toward the glass door. Rose grabs the door and it opens with a whine. All of you filter in and go to seperate counters. The person at the register asks you, "Welcome to Starbucks, how may I help you?"

          Sarcastically you snort, "Some over price if you piece of crap!"

         Next you here Rose signal, "We want you all to die." With that, the blood flies. Your blades slice through every worker there. That's when you hear a scream from one of the Golden Girls.

       You run over and shout, "What happened?"

       You hear someone say, "They stabbed Rose."

        "No!!!!!!!!!!!! It can't be, you can't die Rose."

        "Back in Saint Olaf, dying is...."

       "What Rose, what about dying?," Dorthy asked with teary eyes.

       "Uncle....train......mouth......heaven...," Rose mutter with her last breathes.

      " can't die," tears stream down your face. What was she even talking about? You know you must do something...but what?

The End

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