Get breakfast

You get up and calmly walk to the destroyed kitchen. "Hello, Rupert," you sing as you open the fridge and place a carton of milk on the bulldozer wheel.

"Hi..." Rupert looks like he's afraid because he'll get in trouble.

You crouch down and pull the door off your cabinet, for the hinges are broken, and pull out a crushed box of cereal. You walk over to another, slightly less crushed cabinet and look around for a bowl. All that you can find are shards of used-to-be plates and bowls. You grab a squished plastic cup and bend it so it is kind of back to its original form.

You go back to the bulldozer wheel. "How are you this morning, Rupert?" you ask as you pour cereal dust into the cup, followed by some milk.

"Oh, I'm fine. You?" That's the nice thing about Rupert. He always has his best manners.

"I'm good. What have you been up to lately?" you drink some milky cereal dust.

"Oh, not much. Just my normal imaginary things, you know?" he looks back longingly at the control levers of the bulldozer.

"That's nice," you chug the rest of your breakfast. "Well, you can go on with your life then, if you want."

"Okay. Nice seeing you," Rupert drives away, crushing the rest of your house in result.

The End

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