Disown him

Rupert leaps out of the bulldozer and helps you up. "You've been a bad imaginary friend. A very,very, bad, bad girl, Gaga - er, I mean, imaginary friend, Rupert," (hahaha telephone video reference) you scold as you stand up.

"Sorry," he looks at his feet.

"This time," you cross your arms. "Sorry won't help. So far you've eaten a rabbit alive, peed on the seat of an empty police car, dug a five foot deep ditch around an elementary school, ran into a display 42" plasma television, ripped up my math homework five times in seventh grade..."

As you speak to your friend, the Golden Girls walk away.

"...read my diary, recorded over my copy of The Lion King, and now you're driving around a bulldozer and wrecked a bunch of houses and nearly killed me. You are... Disowned."

Rupert looks up in shock and horror. "Are you serious?!"

"Don't use that tone with me, mister! Disowned!"

As he starts to disappear, he shouts, "I will have vengeance! VENGEANCE!"

The End

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