Thank him

"Thank you, Rupert," you say as he walks over to you and helps you up.

The Golden Girls are standing nearby now, and they look at you funny as you talk to the air in front of you. "Girls," you lead Rupert over to them, not realizing that he is imaginary. "This is Rupert. This was the one driving the bulldozer."

"Are you off your rocker?" Sophia says blatantly.


"Erm, girls, I think it's time to leave," Blanche starts to walk away, Dorothy and Sophia following.

"I don't know," Rose says. "I want to stay and meet Rupert."

"Rose," Dorothy beckons her over, and Rose walks up to her. "Does anyone have a newspaper?"

"You're gonna hit me on the head with it, aren't you?" Rose says in an upset way.

"No, I want to read the comics," Dorothy uses sarcasm, which leaves Rose a bit befuddled.

"Nice knowing you," Sophia calls, then snaps. The Golden Girls disappear with a flash of starry lights.

The End

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